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Mini IVF

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    Anna Belle
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    Mini IVF

    Has anyone had experience with a Mini IVF? I have read it is helpful for women over 40 with low ovarian reserve? Any information and personal experience would be helpful. Thank you!

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    SC-Kelley M.
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    Hi Anna Belle

    There are several articles on our sister website, Fertility Authority, that discuss Mini-IVF. I've linked a couple below, but there are more articles you can explore. I hope this helps!

    Are There IVF Treatments Available That Don't Require Injections?

    Baby dust,

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    People who are averse to using a lot of medications and chemicals benefit from Mini IVF. Mini IVF involves fewer pre-treatments than standard IVF. As always, the specific drugs prescribed differ by clinic and doctor. Regardless of the clinic, however, with Mini IVF, the goal is not to over stimulate the ovaries, so the expensive medications typically used to do that are eliminated. With that comes the benefit of reduced side effects. Mini IVF may also benefit women who are at risk of developing OHSS. OHSS stands for ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Certain ovary stimulating medications – particularly injectables – can cause OHSS. The symptoms of OHSS include swelling and pain in the ovaries, nausea or vomiting, bloating, diarrhea, and more. A small number of women may develop severe OHSS, which can cause rapid weight gain, abdominal pain, vomiting and shortness of breath. Mini IVF reduces the risk of OHSS, because women undergoing Mini IVF take much less medication. The oral medications like Clomid that she will take with Mini IVF are less likely to cause OHSS. I gathered these tips during my IVF treatment in Bio tex. Hope the information was helpful. Mini IVF isn’t the best choice for everyone, and there are pros and cons to consider. Overall, Mini IVF works well in very particular cases. Success rates for Mini IVF fall short of conventional IVF, so that is also something to consider. While the costs remain lower, so does the probability of success.

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    Have you tried to improve your ovarian reserve via acupuncture or mesotherapy to ovaries?
    ME - 36, DH - 45
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    changed clinics, 1st consulting - Gdansk, Poland

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