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Quick update and a couple of questions

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    Quick update and a couple of questions

    HI everyone!!

    I have temporarily managed to hijack a friends internet connection to touch base with you all. We will be hooking up our home connection this winter and I'll be upgrading my membership then so that I can see pics of your little cuties again!! I miss you all so much!!

    Update: Maggie is now 16 1/2 months old, about 34" tall and 29 lbs. She is thoroughly enjoying her dayhome and is getting more and more fun all the time. She says several words already: mommy, daddy, nanny, Owen (a little guy at her dayhome) sucky, no, yep, hello, kee kee (my sister kristy), go, up, ball, nigh nigh, byeee, and DORA!! She is already a Dora the Explorer fan!! She has 6 well loved Dora books, a dora doll, a dora chair and a dora quilt. She is also going a Dora for Hallowe'en - we got a short black child sized wig and a flesh toned pair of sleepers, a pink tshirt and orange shorts and the famous purple backpack. Should be cute - I'll definitely have to post a pic once were back online.

    Question 1: How old was your child when s/he started sleeping with a pillow? We went through a period of about a month where Mags would wake up around 12 or 1 am and want to stay up unless I took her to my bed. Last wek we got her a pillow for her crib (just a regular one, as flat as we could find) and she has stayed in her own bed every night since then. I'm just hoping that I'm not doing something that will hurt her neck or back. I think she was just uncomfortable and she knew that moomy and daddy had pillows on their bed.

    Question 2: How old is/was/will your child be when you: put him/her into a toddler bed?
    start toilet training?
    wean from bottle/soother?
    feed table foods only (no jars or pablum.)?

    Thanks in advance, and I'll try to check back before we leave the party tonight.

    Kelley, Maggie and John
    35 yrs/dh John 37 yrs
    Unexplained annovulation
    5 IUI's with clomid

    Margaret Elizabeth (Maggie)arrived 1 week early - May 12, 2004 @ 9:48 pm
    8 Lbs 2 oz
    22 1/2"

    3 months: 17 lbs 5 oz/26"
    6 months: 23 lbs 5 oz/29"
    9 months: 27 lbs 5 oz/31 1/4"

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    Well let's see...

    Pillows: My trio got pillows about a month ago (very flat ones) and they are 16mo now.

    Toddler Bed: When they start trying to climb out of their cribs...so far they haven't even tried so I think we're safe for a few more months at least.

    Potty Training: They're not even close yet.

    Bottles: We did away with them in 1 day about a month ago. I just gave them their milk in the sippy cups starting with breakfast and they never looked back and either did I.

    Soothers: I have two binky babys and one thumbsucker. The binky's have just about had it (nipples collapsing) and won't be replaced. As for the thumb...that may be another story! LOL

    Food: We've been on strickly table foods since about 12m. One day they just refused to eat it anymore and didn't want me feeding them either.
    Theresa 42 / Dh 34 IVF#1 - 12/01 cancelled
    DFET#1 - 12/02 (3,4,7 cell & 1 blast)BFN
    Diff. DFET#2 - tf 10/22 (two 8 & two 10 cell) BFP
    1st beta 12dpt 499 / 2nd beta 14dpt 1392.93
    Noah, Ian, & Garrett born 4/30/04 @ 29.5d - I'm a mommy at last!

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    AWSOME STATS and she has grown so very much!

    We just started using a pillow in her crib a few months ago.

    As of now, we are considering a toddler bed within the next few months.

    She was completely winged off of the bottle during the day at age 14 months. Here within the past week, we have winged her off of her night time bottle completely. I can not tell you how WONDERFUL it is to NOT have to make her "" milk" for her 3am cravings.

    She never really attached to a pacifier as, we tried to get her to take one when she was born. She did eventually take to it two days later then, at 4 months, she wanted it less and less. That is when I threw it away and never gave one to her ever again! She is a thumb sucker and has been since she was in utero. Our U/S pics are of her sicking her thumb. Also, she is attached to her crib quilt " blankie" that, we can not go anywhere without it!

    We started giving her some table foods at 9 months. She went completely to table foods at 12 months. As, she no longer wanted me feeding her and no longer wanted jar/toddler food!
    Live Love and Be Happy!

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    Pillows: We have used them since 12 months - very flat.

    Toddler Bed: I try to keep mine in the crib as long as possible - DD#1 was in until almost 3 and then went to a twin bed. DD#2 jumped out of the crib at 17 months and was put into a twin. Quinn is still in a crib at 21 months and unless he climbs out will be for a while!

    Potty Training: 2 1/2 would be the earliest for me to even try.

    Bottles: No bottles past one year here with DD's and Quinn was b/f completely.

    Soothers: Quinn still has a "bibble" and I hope to get rid of it by about 2 1/2 (which is when DD#1 got rid of hers). DD#2 still has her thumb at 4 and we have tried hard to stop that bad habit!

    Food: Table food since 9 months for all of them.

    HTH! Glad that you were able to stop by!! Please post pics when you can!
    DD 9/99 DD 3/01 DS 12/03 DD 7/08
    Thyroid Cancer SurvivorSurvivingSTRONG!!

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    Great update! Stop by again soon!

    Pillow - Noah doesn't use one yet. Jillian got her first pillow when we moved her to a bed at 19 months.

    Bed - Jillian moved to a twin bed at 19 months. Noah will move to a bed at around 21 months. We are waiting to see if he is going to have to share his room before we decide if it will be a toddler or twin bed.

    Potty training - We bought a potty for Jillian at 2. I don't plan to do anything with Noah before that age.

    Bottles - Noah was exclusively breastfed and weaned to a sippy at 13 1/2 months.

    Soothers - Noah never used a paci. Jillian used hers until 2 when we weaned to sleeptime only. She was completely weaned at 2 1/2.

    Food - Noah and Jillian were on all table food before a year.
    Proud Mommy to Jillian - 6/02
    Noah - 3/04 and
    Sari - 3/06

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    Great update. Maggie is getting so big! She has surpassed my little guy and he's 20 months. Nice job

    Pillow: there were a few threads about this about a month ago. It got me thinking so I got Cam a pillow at that time. He has slept so much better since then!

    Bed/potty training: no plans in sight. He has not shown signs of readiness for pt and I am not ready for the bed

    Bottles: he went off them at one year - strictly sippy cups here, occasionally a "real" cup but it's messy...

    Soothers: done at 4 months by his choice.

    Food: all table food since one year.


    Good to see you and can't wait for pics
    My three sweet miracles
    DS = the big 8!
    DD = 6...going on 16
    DS = just shy of TWO!

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    What a great update! Its lovely to 'see' you again!

    Let's see...

    No pillow for us so far.

    Toddler bed will happen when she's unhappy with her crib and so far, she's OK with it. I'm thinking around 2-2 1/2.

    Toilet training... we bought the potty chair just to have it around and let her get used to it being here but I think actual training won't begin for a few months yet.

    Didn't use bottles a lot since we BF but was totally on a sippy shortly after a year.

    No soothers at all by her own choice.

    Gen's been on table foods only since just after her birthday.
    Proud Mommy of &

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    Good stats Mommy!!

    pillow - since about 18 months
    potty training - since about 20 months. Ne real luck there but we are just trying to teach her about about "potty".
    bed - she's still in her crib. Her crib turns into a day bed so that will be the next step, but we aren't sure when she'll be ready for that.
    bottles - at 13 months
    soothers - she only used them while she was in the NICU
    Food - a little before she turn a year
    "A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law,no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in it's path" Agatha Christie

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    Great update. Nice to "see" you!! Can't wait to have you around more regularly.

    Pillow: None yet. He sleeps on his face with his butt in the air so I don't think he needs/wants a pillow.

    Potty training: No plans yet.

    Bed: He LOVES his crib so there's no rush to get him a big boy bed. We're hoping to ttc again in January, so if I get pg he'll move to a toddler bed sometime around when the new baby arrives.

    Bottles: We're still on them. He *just* figured out how to use a sippy cup a couple of weeks ago but so far will only drink water from it. I usually bring up a bottle when he wakes in the morning and after his naps. I brought up milk in a sippy the other day and he cried so tragically that I put it back in the bottle! LOL! We'll get there but I'm not going to worry about it. Everything else having to do with eating has happened on his own time and I know this will too.

    Binkies: Oddly enough he just stopped sucking on them last week. He still likes to hold them, but he doesn't put them in his mouth anymore.

    Food: This has always been an issue for us. Finn couldn't even chew/swallow solids well until he was 13 months old so he's a bit behind the curve. He gets about half of his food from a jar still. He's just soooo skinny that I try to get as many calories in him as I can however I can!
    8 years of Primary IF, IUI x5, IVF x3, donor embryo x2, DIUI x2, 3 losses, but I wouldn't trade it for anything!
    DS+IVF/ICSI #3= One embryo success story! 4/03/2004
    DIUI #2 = Twins Born 6/27/2007 (34w2d) Surviving and thriving after NEC!

    9/05 3/06 12/07

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