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Should we adopt?

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    Should we adopt?

    My uncle is 45 and aunt is 40. Its been 15 years after their marriage. They don't have a kid. Should they wait more with treatments or go for an adoption?

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    Well, dear, I'd say they should wait and continue with treatments. There are so many options nowadays to chose from so that to have biological relation to a baby. Moreover they are still young A lot of clinics don't have age limits at all only health ones. So if your auntie is full of health and energy - they definitely should make more tries!
    Another question is how can you advise them!? What a marvelous young lady you are!

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    Hello. It seems to me that if the question is built in this way, then it is better not to adopt a child. Of course, I will now explain why I think so. I believe that it is necessary to adopt a child not from despair, but from a great desire to help someone. If a childless couple wants to make another's child happy, wants to help the child and thereby save yourself from loneliness, then it's good. But, if the desire to adopt a child appeared because of selfishness, when a married couple wants a child to take care of them, then I believe that in this case adoption is wrong. Adoption is a very complex process in the moral and legal sense. After all, they will take responsibility for someone else's life. It is important to understand that they will face more difficulties. After all, children from the orphanage have gone through many difficulties, they have many fears, sometimes they do not immediately begin to trust people. Therefore, are your relatives ready to receive such a child? After all, what we could forgive our child, we can not always forgive someone else's child. And therefore, only from boundless love and affection they need to adopt a child. And nothing else. Otherwise, your relatives will regret it, but it will be too late. In addition, these children are quite complex and will your relatives cope with all the problems ?! It seems to me that it is better to think about surrogacy.

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