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Surrogacy in India

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    Surrogacy in India

    Surrogacy is the best for infertility problems. the most of the people are not able to get a pregnant then they use Surrogacy technique for having a child. If you can't afford the cost of the infertility treatment then Surrogacy is the best. The another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the couple who want to have a child, That is called Surrogacy.
    Two types of Surrogacy:
    1. Gestational surrogacy
    2. Traditional surrogacy.

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    Thanks for sharing!!
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    Hello, yes, I fully agree with you. Surrogacy is the necessary and requested option at the moment. But unfortunately, at the moment in many European countries, surrogacy is prohibited. Therefore, couples who need this, should look for a clinic in other countries. Now many couples visit mainly Ukraine, Georgia, India. We were in several countries and several clinics. Our first trip ended unsuccessfully. I do not want to say what country it was. But, we were faced with complete misunderstanding by the staff of the clinic. In addition, we had to spend a lot of money to pay for this service and pay for the apartment. And it so happened that all this was in vain. Then we went to Ukraine. For several reasons, the first aspect is cost. In Ukraine, the cost of this service is quite acceptable and relatively lower than in other countries. Ukrainian legislators have chosen more logical approach to surrogacy in comparison with absolute majority of their European colleagues. Ukrainian legislation allows intended parents to carry on a surrogacy program and their names will be on Birth certificate of the child born as a result of the surrogacy program from the very beginning. The child is considered to be legally "belonging" to the intended parents from the very moment of conception. The surrogate can't keep the child after the birth. Even if a donation program took place and there is no biological relation between the child and intended parents, their names will be on Birth certificate. But only heterosexual couples who are married officially can implement their surrogacy programs in Ukraine. Cohabiting couples of different sexes who are not married, civil partnerships, single women, single men and homosexual couples CAN NOT implement a surrogacy program in a legal way in Ukraine. My husband and I chose from several packages. Then there are three options available: the economy package, the standard package, the VIP package. We immediately refused the economy package, because we would have to wait a long time. We are interested in a standard package and a VIP package. At first we thought that it was worth saving money and choosing a standard package. But in the end we changed our mind and chose the VIP package. Because we decided that our time is more expensive than money. And I can say that we did not regret this choice. Surrogate mother was picked up quickly. We were pleased with the attitude of the medical staff to us. But we did not like the Ukrainian roads)

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