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Adoption costs

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    Out last two domestic adoptions were 30k each. It's gone up so much and it's really sad!!!

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    We are doing an international adoption and so far we are at 23k. It all depends on what the country requires and from my understanding with a domestic adoption it depends on what kind it is as well. I have a blog where I have documented how the money is being spent if it helps you. adoptperu | Bringing Home Peru Child Good luck!!

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    Started the process of an international adoption 12/2013

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    35k sounds really crazy! if we talk about international adoption, my cousin found a good non-profit adoption organization with quite minor fees. they adopted from Ukraine, and if i'm not mistaken, they covered only their personal expenses (like air tickets, accommodation, translations, etc) and had to pay official fees for adoption application in Ukraine, for court hearing, documents legalization, children passports, etc. I don't remember what exactly the total price was, but I may ask her. feel free to contact me, just in case.

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