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To try IVF again or move on to adoption?

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    To try IVF again or move on to adoption?

    So 2 years ago my husband and I did 1 round of IVF and it was unsuccessful. And if that wasn't hard enough, I hated how the meds made me feel (weepy, sad, intense mood swings) and we incurred a significant amount of debt. We agreed to take a break from adding to our little family and focus on paying down the debt and then consider adoption.

    Now we're at the point where we've begun to consider our options and we've learned that adoption fees can be upwards of $30k...it'll be another couple of years until we can swing that! So I just heard about a clinic in NY that offers IVF for around $5000 (1/3 of what we paid before!). We could definitely afford that within a couple of months using a combination of savings and our flexible spending accounts, but I'm scared to try again because it feels like such a gamble both financially and emotionally. Then again, adoption can also be a scary process. After 5+ years of trying we are SO ready to be parents, but do we take the gamble or wait a few years until we can afford the kinda-sure thing?

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    Joie Hi! I know the clinic you're speaking of and it's true, they do offer a much cheaper option. You do still have to pay out of pocket for meds, but they've rolled quite a few other fees into that $5k and it's very nice.

    As for whether or not you should move on to adoption, that's hard to say without knowing more about your case. Can you give me more details? Have you run your statistics through the IVF success predictor at sart.org?

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    I was at my rope's end and put my money into top clinic b/c I was considered a good IVF candidate and pursued foster/adopt to cut costs there. I would worry that a cheap clinic would have good results, but not great and maybe you need great. If the 2nd IVF worked you'd obviously save time and money, if not you spent that much more of both. I've heard of money-back guarantees for 3 cycles. But although financially it's better, it would take a lot of time. Which choice leaves you (and DH) without regrets? The last try or moving now towards more Certainty?

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