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Multiple small cystic spaces within the endometrium

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    Multiple small cystic spaces within the endometrium

    I am doing a FET cycle.I did ultrasound recently and my remote monitoring RE who did the ultrasound mentioned that there were multiple small cystic spaces within the endometrium. She would not recommend to transfer the embryos into this kind of lining.Although my actual RE wants me to continue my meds with estrace 2mgx2 orally and 1(2mg) estrace vaginally and to monitor again on 6/29 to see how the lining grows. I am thinking of canceling the cycle.

    Has anyone else had this kind of lining and manage to succeed in pregnancy?

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    Hi Henypeny!

    I'm going through the forum, trying to get acquainted with everyone and figure out how I can be of the most support when I saw your posts. (I'll copy this answer and put it in all of them, hoping you see it ) I know this was from a few weeks ago and you've already had your follow-up appointment, but I wanted to check in with you. How did it go? What did you decide to do? Please let us all know if there is anything else we can do to support you!
    Wishing you all the best, ~Kelley

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    This is seen common with many women nowadays, and the reason is sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise and junk food. There are medications to cure it although. It is highly recommended to visit the best Gynecologist in your area if you are detected with the problem. If you are in Hyderabad, then Hegde Fertility, will be the best one to consult as it has one of the reputed Gynaecologist in Hyderabad who is famous for giving best infertility treatments.

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    Most cysts in the uterus are not cancerous and may not require treatment. For patients whose symptoms do not improve, doctors often prescribe medications to shrink the fibroids and improve symptoms. These medications include androgens and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. Intrauterine devices and hormonal contraceptives help control menstrual-related symptoms, though they do not shrink the actual cysts. In severe cases where a cyst causes symptoms that cannot be controlled with medications, doctors may elect to remove the fibroid through a surgical procedure. Most of these procedures are minimally invasive and use a laparoscope, a small instrument with a camera and light on the end, to help the surgeon navigate around the cyst to cut it away, freeze it with liquid nitrogen, use an electric current to destroy fibroids inside the uterus, or inject chemicals or particles into the cyst to cut off the blood flow and force them to shrink. The only permanent solution for uterine cysts is a hysterectomy, which completely removes the uterus. This option is usually a last resort because it prevents the woman from having children and may initiate menopause if the ovaries are also removed.

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