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Asherman's Syndrome

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    Asherman's Syndrome

    What is Asherman's Syndrome?

    Asherman's Syndrome is characterized by the development adhesions or scarring of the uterus or cervix after trauma to the endometrial lining. It is caused when the body's natural wound healing abilities go awry, often times causing the front and back walls of the uterus stick to one another. Usually the adhesions do not develop their own blood supply, which makes treatment easier.

    Symptoms can include light or absent periods. Absent periods may be caused by the cervix being obstructed by adhesions, trapping the blood inside the uterus. This may produce menstrual pain, as the body is still cycling despite the failure to shed the blood from the body. Some women may have no change in period at all. Recurrent miscarriage or infertility can also occur.

    Causes of Asherman's Syndrome often include surgical intervention after pregnancy related dilation and curettage (D&C) after a miscarriage, retained placenta or elective abortion, Cesarean section, polyp removal or infection.

    Diagnosis of Asherman's is most reliable by hysteroscopy. Sonohysterography and hysterosalpngogram may also be used.

    Asherman's is most easily prevented by avoiding any intrauterine instrumentation or surgery. Medical evacuation of the uterus following a missed miscarriage or retained placenta showed less risk of Asherman's than those who had a D&C. It has also been suggested that ultrasound guided D&C's may offer a more precise stopping point for physicians to reduce the trauma to the endometrium after removal of the retained tissue.

    Treatment involves surgical removal of the scar tissue, and occasionally a splint or balloon may be placed in the uterus to prevent the walls from collapsing on one another. This prevents the walls from adhering again during the healing process.

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    Hi I'm totally new to this :-/

    I had my son 5 years ago when I was 19 by emergency c-section.I ended having to rip my placenta out 10days after being at home! I had tees if infections,pains and no periods.My hormones and ovaries were normal and I ended up having a hysteroscopy 18months ago.I was diagnosed with Ashmermans syndrome then but have only just found out for myself now! The last 6months I've started having periods again and sans have shown the lining to my uterus is slowly getting thicker.We have been desperate for another baby since we had Our son and now I'm scared as reading about ashermans syndrome seems to be all leading towards infertility.Im still young and really young and beginning to feel like it may never happen for us again.

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