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Hydro tubes/Azoospermia

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    Hydro tubes/Azoospermia

    Im 21 years old (Yes very young). I found out when i was 16years old that i had bilaterial hydrosalpinx. I was experiencing a lot of pain for YEARS literally and finally someone believed me enough to take me to the hospital and have this pain explored. My tubes are filled with fluids. I never understood what that meant until my Fiance and I were screwing around for 3 years carelessly without condoms. I found it ironic that i had never wound up pregnant. (I wanted to be a mom and he wanted to be a dad so if we got pregnant we would have kept our baby). One day we decided to further investigate this issue and thats when i was told exactly what a hydrosalpinx was.
    We recently started going to Duke Fertility Clinic with Dr. Mausher as our specialist (i personally dont like him). He pushed for IVF, no repairing of the tubes. I felt somewhat like his 21 year old IVF project. He scheduled to remove my fallopian tubes after my wedding next month (Oct 30th YAYYYY). Well last week my DF did a routine SA. Mausher calls back the next day and says
    "You dont have any sperm, we are cancelling the ivf, come back in about 30 days to restest"
    He didnt even explain to my DF what not having sperm meant. My Df was confused because he ejaculated and he assumed ejaculate was sperm..so he had to google his situation. Only for google to tell him that he was an unlucky 1% of men who dont have any swimmers AT ALL. NOT EVEN 1 LITTLE NEMO IN THERE! He was really sad, even cried, so did i. What does this mean for us.
    Hydro tubes and Azoospermia. What are we looking at here. Im sure there is some sperm in his teste's they can extract. I doubt he has a chromosonal disorder. His dad has 8 kids that he doesnt take care of, all my Df wants is 1 that he would give the world.
    We are already parents to a beautiful 4 yr old girl. Shes my little sister but my mom gave her up when she was 5 days old and i have custody now. We want to adopt her but they refuse to sign parental rights over.

    If he has sperm in his testes can we do IVF/ICSI? Donor sperm is not an option at all for us.

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    Congrats on your upcoming wedding. :-)

    You can ejaculate and not have any sperm, unfortunately. If you retest, and there are still no sperm, you can go to a urologist and see if there is a reason for the azoospermia. For example, there is a condition called a varicocele that could cause this and can be surgically resolved if he has it. Sometimes, the situation can be improved if the male is put on clomid for several months. But, you cannot know until he is properly checked out. I'm surprised your fertility doctor didn't offer this up to you.

    As far as your hydrosalpinx goes, there's often little chance of pregnancy until those tubes are removed because that fluid is toxic to the uterus. It drains into the uterus and kills off the embryos before they have a chance. I did just read a few articles online about a doctor that heals hydrosalpinx with high dose antibiotics, and lots of time. This isn't a fast process. It also isn't the conventional way of thinking.

    If you aren't comfortable with your current doctor, you should contact one of the patient care coordinators and they can find someone in your area to meet with. You should be comfortable with your doc, often it's a long relationship you have with them.
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    Donor Eggs- IVF 4/13 Frozen Eggs BFN, IVF 7/13 Fresh Donor eSet BFN, FET 8/13 BFN; FET eSET 10/13 BFN; FET of 2 11/13 BFP, first beta 304, second 1106, third 10246 (5w4d pg) u/s shows ONE bean!

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    Ironic, it is.

    I have "met" a couple folks online who changed environmental factors and "found" sperm! I have a close friend whose DH was cancer survivor - azoo so selected DSp (donor sperm) for IUI, but after follie stim issues did IVF/ICSI with OSp (own sperm, obviously DH had at least 1). And then a few online couples who did TESE (extraction), IMSI/ISCI/pICSI, but don't I recall specifics. I'd have to search for it.

    Wishing you two catch a break!

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    It is possible for your boyfriend to have no sperm (live). However, a few practical changes in life can work wonders. Here are some tips that can help your BF to get swimmers.
    make him use boxers instead of those underwears
    quit him from using jean pant
    quit smoking
    quit alcohol
    quit hot water tub baths
    let him run in the morning for 15 minutes, thrice a day (no heavy weight lifting)
    and add eggs and peanuts in his diet.
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