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HSG - severe pain afterwards??

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    HSG - severe pain afterwards??

    This is my first post on here. Today I had my first HSG test done. Due to my cervix and uterus not "cooperating" it was amazingly painful. About an hour later I had minor cramping, but now hours later I have such severe abdominal pain that it hurts to even walk. I called my RE thinking that I may have an infection from the procedure, but the nurse said it may be air in there from the procedure. Any others have this happen?...

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    Hi hbhh,

    Ah...the dreaded HSG. I do remember it was a painful procedure as it was happening. I can't recall how I felt afterward, but I'm sure if I had significant pain, I would remember. Definitely keep a watchful eye and let your nurse know if the pain continues tomorrow. I'm sorry this had to be your first post, but welcome and I am sure you will meet many amazing ladies on the boards here!


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    Hi, I had mine done today and it was horrifying. This was early this morning and I'm still in a lot of pain. I didn't get the results today bc my RE will go over them with the results of my ultrasound and bloodworm. But hopefully this is a step in the right direction.

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    Hi, ladies!

    It's been about a year and a half since I had mine but I still remember it. I am allergic to Motrin/Aleve (woot woot!) so I could only take Tylenol beforehand (I may or may not have scavenged my house and found an old Vicodin..)

    At any rate - Lollicat I just wanted to tell you that it gets better pretty quick, if I remember. It was not my most favorite sensation during, but once I got home that's when I really had severe cramping - but apparently it's from the air that gets hurled up there during the procedure.. I remember it being like really horrifying gas, but in my uterus. :/

    Hoping you're feeling better and you get some answers!

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    Hi All

    When I took my HSG test, it was horrific. I'd been given a pain killer for it but it didn't start till after the test. They took me early. I had heavy spotting the rest of the day and the next day. Then light spotting for two days after the test. I had cramping for a day and a half after the test. I also have abnomyosis. I don't know if that contributed to the pain. The result was bilateral hydro. So if the doc gives you a pain killer take it an hour before the test begins.


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