I'm completely new to this forum and DH is active duty military. I'm scheduled for a lap and dye on Dec 6th and I'm wanting to hear others stories who have had it. I'm completely fine with the procedure as a whole as I've been under the knife several times so surgery doesn't scare me anymore. The only concern I have right this moment is #1 what if he gets in there and doesn't find anything wrong? or #2 what if he gets in there and whatever he finds isn't fixable?!

We've been ttc for 5 years off and on(deployments and training) and I'm so frazzled on all options. I've been beyond depressed up until now because I had a horrible OB recently who told me nasty things and treated me like garbage. I went on a TV show to talk about it...that kind of sensationalized infertility. Had I of known the show was going that direction I don't think I would have wasted my time going on it. I'm really hoping that I can find REAL hope and inspiration through your stories. Success or not!