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Salpingostomy,Tubal surgery,Please HELP ME, I NEED ANSWERS

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    Salpingostomy,Tubal surgery,Please HELP ME, I NEED ANSWERS

    hi all,

    please I need answers. I am going to do salpingostomy and adhesion removal with therapeutic laparoscopy using laser. I want to ask that after you do salpingostomy or tubal surgery,, what is the chance that the tubes remain open? And I want to know aND to meet people who did the same procedure or something similar? any experiences please? i will be very glad to have some answers

    I am planning to do adheliolysis, laser laparoscopy +/- salpingostomy. I dont have any other infertility problems apart from Tubal factor

    thanks in advance

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    These procedures are often very successful. Only your doctor will be able to tell you if s/he is worried another blockage will happen in the near future. It is possible, but your doctor knows your track record and will know the optimal time for helping you conceive while the tube is clear.

    Best of luck,

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    Hello, I actually went through the exact situation. Had tubal surgery (which was not such a great experience for me). I did not get pregnant after my surgery but I have to say that although I had a steady partner, I did not focus 100% on becoming pregnant. I mistakenly thought that since my tubes were open, it would just happen. If there's one thing I can advise, it's to try to conceive right after surgery. There is a very slim window of opportunity (at least in my case). Another peice of advice i can give is to not take time for granted because age makes a huge difference in this. I eventually had to have my tubes totally removed. This was devastating but I've pushed forward and am ending my 3rd round of IVF. Although I also had no other issues with fertility besides my tubes, time crept up and here I stand crossing fingers and toes and hoping for a miracle. Good luck and best wishes.

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