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Has anyone tried the 'Fuyan Pill' for endometriosis, blocked tubes, adhesions etc?

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    Has anyone tried the 'Fuyan Pill' for endometriosis, blocked tubes, adhesions etc?

    Hello ladies!

    Im a new member but a long time lurker. I am not sure exactly what has been keeping me from getting pregnant as of yet but my doctor suspects endometriosis. Of course with infertility there could be many problems, like blocked fallopian tubes or anything so I have been looking around for about 10 months and I recently came across something called 'The Fuyan Pill'. Its suppose to cure pelvic disease, uterine diseases and tubal disease, blockage, adhesions and a lot of other things. Its really expensive and if I do indeed have endometriosis or some sort of blockage I would consider trying it. Its cheaper than fertility treatments and harmless to your body. However there is not a whole lot of information on there about them. So I thought I would ask you ladies if anyone has tried it. If not, would you be interested in trying it? I say anything is worth a shot especially something that wont harm your body at all!

    Here is the product Fuyan Pill _The stubborn disease consulting and treatment

    Some medical information on it "Fuyan Pill"

    Here is a blog entry I found about it http://herbalistlee.blog.com/2010/10...ubal-blockage/

    What do you think?
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    I know this is an older post but did you try this pill?
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    I would want to read reviews of people who took this.

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    I will be buying this pill soon out of desperation. I will let you guys know if it works.

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