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just a little lost

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    just a little lost

    Well I had a hysteroscopy and dnc I had adhesions and asherman syndrome, that operation was done in Jan and still no af I took provera and still nothing so my next step is another hsg which I am not looking forward to at all has anyone else not had a af after a hysteroscopy

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    I'm sorry hun! my thoughts are with you. I'm waiting as we speak to schedule my hysteroscopy.
    Me 30 DH 34
    Together 13 years Married 8
    TTC since 2003
    PCOS DX 2007
    2007 3 IUI cycles = 1 Chem 2 BFN
    March 2012- IVF BFN
    April FET misscarriage- 5 weeks
    Septum and remaing mc scar tissue removed
    August 2 FET

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    Desdes, hi! I'm sorry you're in the AS hell. I think I ran into you a few months back when I was diagnosed with Asherman's. I am wondering if I'm reading your post right. Did you have hysteroscopy and D&C to treat AS? The reason why I'm asking is that treating AS with D&C is the worst possible scenario. I'm sorry, I don't mean to scare you, but I've learnt a lot since being diagnosed. Sometimes it takes a few attempts to remove the scarring and it needs to be done by a skilled RE who specializes in Asherman's for the best outcome. There are many OB and RE as a matter of fact who have no idea what they're doing when it comes to AS and will make things worse. I hope that's not the case. Have you checked out the Asherman's syndrome yahoo group? They are very helpful and there is a list of doctors specializing in AS. You need to check them out!
    Please forgive me if I misunderstood your post. I don't mean to sound cocky or anything.
    I had my surgical hysteroscopy in April, was cleared to do FET at the beginning of May, and will have FET in June. My lining looks very decent, only a little patch of scarring left.

    I wish you good luck!
    Me-38, DH-42
    TTC since 2008
    DH: low morph/motility grade Me: BT 3:4, Asherman's
    July'09: chem
    IUI #2 07/15/10 BFP! NT scan 12w1d MMC D&C@ 12w2d
    IVF#1 Sept. 2011...BFP! Trisomy 16 MVA@9w4d
    Feb. diagnosed with asherman's
    March: diagnosed with Balanced chromosomal translocation
    Jun. FET#1 canceled
    Jul. FET#1.1 Natural/ Canx!
    Jul. FET#1.2 Natural

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