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Need advice and opinions about scar tissue

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    Cool Need advice and opinions about scar tissue

    Hello everyone
    I am new to this site and have some questions regarding our infertility
    I am 25 years old going to be 26. Hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant and not trying but not preventing for five years..with no success Ihave pcos (polycystic ovarian syndrome) taking metformin (four pills daily) have tried three seperate rounds of clomid since 2008 with our last round in may 2010...non of which resulted in pregnancy I have a vp shunt for hydrocephalus, placed at two weeks of age, with my first revision in 2010...my old shunt system was not working, due to the tubing that was supposed to be in the side of my head, ending up coming out of that spot and was down by my collar bone..therefor no fluid was able to drain without that tubing in the correct place.
    My OBGYN performed a pelvic laparoscopy in december 2011 due to me having recurrent pelvic pain, and irregular periods...she found that I had a large cyst (2 inches size) on my right ovary, there for she drained that. My right fallopian tube looked to be demolished...GONE! She said I have so much scarr tissue, and inflammation in there that it was hard to see anything! The shunt drainage is causing the inflammation and adheasions..but nothing can be done about either issue...I need the shunt and will need it until I die. My issue is, she said that pregnancy would be extremely painful due to all the scarring..My pelvic organs look like I DON"T KNOW..in the wrong places..My bowel is on top of an ovary, my ovaries are being tugged and pulled in all directions, my left ovary and fallopian tube was not visible during the lap surgery, there for she has no idea what they look like. She performed an HSG march 5th and found that the dye was going thru my uterus, but coming right back out my WHOHA...my tubes are completely blocked, squished, demolished, u name it. No amount of fertility drugs will get us pregnant..b/c the tubes are so blocked..She doesn't want to remove the scar tissue because she can't see that well, and she is afraid of puncturing something PLUS I could easily get an infection in my shunt tubing that would go to my BRAIN....She doesnt want to risk anything happening : She said if I was to get pregnant, I would be risking the baby being born really early, and it could be fatal for both of us due to the scarring...What should we do? I can't beleive this is happening...she said we could go to an RE..but we don't have the insurance to cover it...we have insurance, just not for fertility issues I cant imagine never being able to experience pregnancy or birth...I want to be a mother, and want to bless my hubby with being a father...we know what she is telling us...i don't want to risk my life just to have a baby of our own..together. Adoption is an option, but sooo expensive, we can't afford it. Has anyone ever heard of this type of fertility issue before? I can't find anything online about similar issues...[/B][/I]

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    OK I am new here too and dont know much about anything really. I am still trying to figure out what is wrong with me. I dont have an appointment until April, but my doctor suspects endometriosis. Because of that, I have been looking into cures for adhesions, scar tissue, blocked tubes and the works. There is something called 'The Fuyan Pill' and its all natural. I made a thread in this same section asking if anyone had taken it and to kind of let women out there know that something like that exists. Its all natural and it is expensive, but its a lot cheaper than fertility treatments and it wont harm your body because its all natural. Here are a few links on it that I posted on the other thread.

    Fuyan Pill _The stubborn disease consulting and treatment

    "Fuyan Pill"


    If I do have endometriosis or some sort of tubal blockage then I am definitely going to try it. Im all about natural things and natural healing. If you try it will you please please please let me know?

    Sorry I cant be of much help, but I think its worth a shot. Anything is, especially something that wont harm your body. Let me know what you think .

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