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what was your plan of action

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    what was your plan of action

    Hello ladies...
    I have a Dx of left tube blockage and pcos.
    Last year my doctor said fertility medication to encourage ovulation from my right tube and if that didn't work we will "move forward"
    I haven't been back to the doctor for insurance reasons but I will have new insurance affective January 1st.

    I'm wondering what will be next...I don't think iui will be affective..as I believe iui is like sex but with washed sperm.

    Do you ladies think doctor will have us do ivf?
    If any of you have my Dx..what treatment have you done?

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    Your doctor will certainly do IVF if that's what you want, but you have a decent chance with stimulated IUI. What's most important in the whole process is for the RE to make sure your blocked tube isn't hydrosalpinx, because that will kill any baby that implants.

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    IUI without stims? It's an improvement for some folks, e.g. improve or bypass male or cervical factors (or unknown). Most PCOS patients at my clinic do IUI with stims for 3 (to 6) cycles, then move on to IVF. I have one tube and did stims/IUI, but moved on quickly to IVF (my DX is unexplained IF/RPL - probably the "perfect storm" of mild male and female factors).


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    I have a very similar situation. We are attempting Clomid to stim the right ovary (even though I ovulate on my own) and then will procede with IUI. My doctor is very optimistic that IUI will be successful in our case. If it isn't then we will procede to surgery to remove the affected tube and then IVF. The research with hydrosalpinx and miscarriage focuses on IVF, when you read the actual research articles about hydro and spontaneous pregnancy the miscarriage rate is the same as if you have a normal tube. If you do have hydro and need IVF the tube would have to come out or be clipped though. Hang in there and let me know since our cases are soooooo similar!
    Me: 29 Left Tubal Blockage
    DH: 28 Mild MFI
    Hx: TTC April '10, IF workup Jun '11
    Began Attempting IUI's
    Aug, Sep, Oct - O'd on Left each month so no IUI
    Nov - 50mg Clomid - left side -TI- BFN
    Dec- 100mg Clomid - IUI#1- BFN
    Jan - Natural Cycle/Break
    Feb - Natural Cycle/Break
    Mar- Natural Cycle/Break
    April - Hopefully IUI#2

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