Hi Ladies,

I was diagnosed with endometrial tuberculosis after completing my 1st IVF.After undergoing the treatment , now I'm faced with a challenge of uterine lining. My RE feels that the lining may/may not be damaged after the treatment(the lining quality after treatment varies from individual to individual)Also wanted me to tie my tubes as there is a fear of the liquid from the tubes to squirt back into uterus and kill the embryo.Both the tubes have been blocked as a result of the infection and not sure if there actually is liquid build up or no.But my RE's opinion is that since the tubes are blocked anyways, it may be a good idea to get them tied ,just incase the liquid build up is there.

My question is has anybody got treated for endometrial TB? if yes were your tubes damaged too and did you tie up the tubes? Were you successful in getting pregnant later?

- jodhu