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blocked tubes

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    blocked tubes

    hi im 34 yrs old and was told i had blocked tubes due to a std (my partner) had it but i didnt but i still had to take the medication for it. i was trying to get pregnant for a while and nothing was happening so i had some tests and they had a look at my tubes and they said they looked normal but still couldnt rule out blocked tubes but they said it was better to put me on the ivf list rather then put the dye through to check so they put me on the list for ivf and 3 yrs later i had ivf and it worked first time but i was wondering how do they know if i had blocked tubes if they didnt put the dye through but i still havent got pregnant naturally any one who has been there or know anything would help please

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    I don't understand how your tubes could be blocked as a result of a partners STD, if you did not contract it. That is like saying 'my husband has an eye ulcer, but it caused me to go blind.' Impossible. Uhhh, unless you yourself had the STD, then you would not contract any of the side effects as a result of said STD.
    As far as I know, the only way to checked for blocked tubes is to have the HSG done.
    It only takes like 10 minutes to complete, then you know.
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