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Scar Tissue found on uterus- confused because I have never had a d/c (loss mentioned)

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    Scar Tissue found on uterus- confused because I have never had a d/c (loss mentioned)

    HI All, brief history of my journey (so far) I did a DE cycle in april and got pregnant, sadly a heartbeat did not develop and I chose to take the prescription to induce miscarriage at home. Doc rec this over Dand C to avoid any chance of scar tissue. Did a water ultrasound (2 months later)to see if there was any scarring- all clear. Fast forward 6 months, new DE cycle, fresh transfer BFN, first FET-BFP, chemical at 4 1/2 weeks. Went in for another water ultrasound as a "precaution" hmmm, doc says "interesting" never a good sign. It seems I now have scar tissue and need to have it removed before next FET. The doc said it is very unusual since I have never had invasive surgery on my uterus and have miscarriaged at home both times. So I guess I don't understand where this tissue came from, could it be from the chemical pregnancy, I have only bled once since then....or could they have missed it on the first ultrasound and this is the reason for my BFN and chemical- lastly could it "just have happened" this is the scariest to me becaus then I wonder if even after it is repaired I will develop more scar tissue and possibly miscarry again. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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    So sorry to hear about your recent loss and what you are going thru! I am assuming they will plan a hysteroscopy to go in and remove the scar tissue. It's possible that this could be related to something from your recent loss and could be scar tissue. I think that once they are doing the procedure they'll actually find out exactly what it is. I guess it's possible that it could be retained tissue or even a polyp? Keep us updated and let us know what they find out. Wishing you a speedy recovery!!

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    I agree with Claire. Have you had a hysteroscopy yet? or?


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