Hi there,

Here's my story. We've been TTC for 2 years now. A few months ago my Fertiliy specialist found I had a uterine problem through HSG. I had lap/hysteroscopy to find out more and he found a very large uterine septum, dividing my uterus almost in two, both sides only connected in a very thin line just above the cervix. He removed as much of the septum as he could. Yesterday I had another HSG to determine the "final" shape of the uterus and sadly saw on the screen that my uterus still has a V shape, but both cavities are now connected by a wider space.

I will see my Dr. on Tuesday to see what happens next, but I'm feeling rather low. I don't know what to think or expect from this. I certainly don't want to go through all the infertility treatments just to lose the pregnancy afterwards because there's not enough space for the baby to grow, lack of blood supply and all those things. I think it would be much more devastating than not ever being pregnant. You know how hard it is to cope with being hopeful every month, just to be discouraged when AF shows up again. I wonder, if that is a major cause of sadness, how would a silly thing like AF showing compare to actually seeing your baby on a monitor and then losing it.

Does anyone have experience with this? Some say the septum will move out of the way and it's no problem as long as it's not all the way down. I could really use some words of encouragement, I feel really lost today.
Thanks so much in advance.