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What do I do now??? Another failure!!!

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    Question What do I do now??? Another failure!!!

    So far I've had two ivf cycles with no success, not even a chemical pregnancy or anything. My Re says the issue is blocked tubes, but could there be another issue since I haven't even had success with implantation?
    I am 28 years old and considered to be pretty much healthy besides one blocked right Fallopian tube, but ivf is not even working.
    I don't know what else to do.

    11 yrs ago had abdominal surgery to remove large cyst on ovaries

    Ttc for 5 years naturally
    '07 hsg- blocked right tube w/hydrosalpinix
    '08 1-iui bfn
    12/08 ivf#1 converted to fet#1 due to hyperstimulation
    transfer of 2-5 day blast- bfn!
    12/09 laparoscopic surgery to remove scar tissue, test showed right tube completly blocked, left tube all clear.
    4/10 ivf#2 transfered 2-5 day blast- bfn!!!
    fet#2 transfered 1-6 day AB, 1-7 day AB blast- bfn!!!
    1 totsicle on ice left

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    I am sorry for all that you've been through.

    I thought that since IVF bypasses the tubes, that blocked tubes would be irrelevant??

    You may want a second opinion if 2 cycles have failed. Have you been doing ICSI and is there good fertilization? What is the embryo quality like that they've been putting back in you? Has everything checked out ok with your DH?
    Me 42, DH 43
    TTC since August 2008
    2 IUIs and 4 IVFs: Failed
    On to adoption
    Surprise BFP in April 2012
    DS born December 2012
    Surprise BFP in May 2014

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    I think you should tested for autoimmune things. I was found to have thyroid antibodies (so i'm taking prednisone so my body doesn't reject my embies) and thrombophelia (clotting so I don't get good blood circulation to my uterus), so I'm taking heperin. Also if you have a hydro tube, it could seep into your uterus and sabotage implantation. I hope you get answers. This stuff is hard enough without adding insult to injury. Do you have a post ivf consult lined up?
    TTC since 07/07
    ectopic ruptered at 7wks 8/08
    IVF#1 4/09 bfp-chemical
    IVF#2 9/09 bfp-miscarriage at 6wks
    lap 11/09 removed remaining left tube and lots of adhesions
    FET 4/16/10 bfn
    IVF #3 July 2010 bfn again

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    Hi ladies,
    Sorry for the late response, all your thoughts, suggestions and well wishes are greatly appreciated. I have two doctors appointments on Monday. One appt. Is with my Re and the other is a Doctor at Crmi- NY. My re didn't suggest anything since this last failure, just for me to make an appointment so we can try another cycle (like money grows on trees), or transfer my last frozen embryo.
    I suggested a hysteroscopy, so I'm going to her for a saline sonogram first. I've read about many women who've had failed implantation having this surgery to check for uterine issues. As far as autoimmune issues I bought that up but my Re and the Dr. @ Crmi both think this is not the case for me. Not sure how they've come to this conclusion if they've never tested me for these issues.

    Sheesh!!! I go through these transfers with hope, but when it's all said and done I feel like I keep taking to steps backwards.

    To all going through the heartache of this IF journey, my prayers are with u.
    God Bless!!!

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    Jakisbabywish, Have you met or spoken with Drs. Corley and Peters at SIRM NJ or Dr T at SIRM NY? I had 3 failed IVF also right tube blocked left tube open. Always transferred good quality embryos and just didn't get preg. Now after my 4th try I got a positive result. I was giving up hope as I am 40 years old and thought I didn't have a chance. They do free phone consults. Also did you ever have your tube removed? I have read and was told that there could be some bacteria that can leak into the uterus from the tube depending where the blockage is.
    Just some thoughts. Wishing you all the best. Amy

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