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Blocked Tubes now with Ovarian Cyst

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    Blocked Tubes now with Ovarian Cyst

    In 2007 I was diagnosed with blocked tubes, went to IVF NJ, had laparoscopy done by Dr. Darder to get a better view if its workable/passable or not. Since both are really blocked, end of FT was tied-up to prevent the fluid damaging the uterus. The only way to get pregnant is to do an IVF but wasn't ready to have a baby then.

    Last January I was rushed in the ER for severe abdominal pain. CAT scan revealed a 7.5 diameter ovarian cyst.

    on April 15, I'll be seeing Dr. Darder again at IVFNJ, then would probably do the IVF now. Btw, am 35 years old... candidate for high risk pregnancy if ever.

    Let's pray for each other...

    Loves and prayer,


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    mini, did you require surgery for your ovarian cyst?

    I wasn't ready for IVF in 2007 either (or in 2005 when it was first suggested for me). But I am now!

    I went to a high-risk OB (perinatologist) for a pre-conception consultation, but they consider me to be low risk --- surprised me, I'm 38 with two abdominal surgeries, one in which they clamped my uterus. Shrug. They are the doctors. I aspire to a singleton pg, but they felt that even with twins I'd be fine in the hands of a good regular OBGYN. I suppose I'll revisit that if I am fortunate to "get" that far.

    Yes, wishing us well.

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