Hello - I am so new to this. Basically I've had fibriods which were removed last year, after which they found I had one blocked tube. That was a huge dose of reality and we started trying to get pregnant right away. So far I've done 6 cycles of clomid and temp tracking with my regular ob with no success. I've moved on to a fretility specialist. One treatment with clomid and ultrasound shows a mature folicle on both sides, so they gave me the hcg shot & said timed intercourse for the next few days. If no go, then next cycle the same thing except with IUI. I never thought I'd be so wrapped up in this trying to get pregnant thing . . . and time is not on my side which seems like a double whammy. Anyone else with the same or similar that have been successful? I am so weary of doubting that it will ever happen.