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Natural pregnancy with hydrosalpinx

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    Smile Natural pregnancy with hydrosalpinx

    In answer to a previous post/quesion, surgery, pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), and other conditions can create scarring (adhesions) which can constrict or block the ends of fallopian tubes. In some women, this is accompanied by swelling of the tube, which is called a hydrosalpinx.

    For years, the prevailing medical wisdom among gynecologists was that tubes with hydrosalpinx would never be functional, that they should be removed and the woman go directly to IVF, if she wanted to conceive.

    However, recent citations in medical journals Fertility and Sterility (9/2006), Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine (1/2008), and Contemporary Ob/Gyn (4/2008) demonstrated that a manual physical therapy (Wurn Technique) opened the tubes of several women diagnosed with hydrosalpinx. Half of these became pregnant naturally from the tube that was originally diagnosed with the hydrosalpinx. Some of these have since gone on to have second full-term pregnancies, indicating that results of this therapy lasted for several years, for some of these women.

    If you are interested, you may get more information at this URL.

    Larry Wurn
    Director of Clinical Studies
    Clear Passage Therapies

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    Thanks Larry,
    I was diagnosed with hydrosalpinx and blockages in both tubes, along with scarring, endometriosis, AND have pics of my tubes from a surgery showing they were transparent, meaning they lacked the muscularis layer. The villi (small hairlike projections within the tube that move the egg along) were all but gone. I was 29 at the time . My RE wanted to remove my tubes, but I asked her to leave them intact, just in case. I also tested positive for APAs and MTHFR after 3 failed IVFs, one with donor eggs.

    Lauren2005 on this board helped me find Dr Toth in NYC, and DH and I were tested and went for the full treatment. Toth believes that tubes can heal - that bacteria is the culprit (which might explain the toxic fluid in those hydros). Long story short, my tubes began to heal, my egg quality apparently didn't matter, and now I'm pg naturally no IVF or drugs involved - it was a total accident, and I had no idea I was pg or that it was even possible.

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