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How long does a fresh semen sample stay viable?Please help!!!

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    How long does a fresh semen sample stay viable?Please help!!!

    Our daughters bmom has offered to be a traditional surrogate for us and we are going to ask dd's bdad to be a sperm donor. We are wondering about in-home insemination and how long the sperm is good for. I'm really new to all of this so these questions are going to sound stupid...I read to do the insemination on day of LH surge and the day after. How long after the fresh semen sample is given should the insemination take place? How long is the semen good for? Can you refrigerate or freeze until the next day? Or can you just do it a few hours later? Like I said, I'm completely clueless! Does the turkey baster method work or do the cervical caps and things work better? Any advice would be very much appreciated!!!
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    NO dont refrigerate the sperm! That will kill it! YOu have to keep it at body temperature. If you get the sample at home clinics allow that only if you live 30 minutes max. from the clinic. Sperm is good for several hours, but insemination happens only after the sperm is "washed" which takes a while too. so its doable, but only if you live close by. just stick the sterile cup with the sperm in your bra, or hold it in your handbut dont put it in the fridge! Good luck!
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    Hi there!

    I agree, do not refridgerate the semen sample, it must stay body temperature for the sperm to be viable. The semen only has to be "washed" at a clinic if you are doing IUIs by an RE. If you are doing home inseminations, the fresh semen should be inserted as soon as possible and must stay body temp until done so.

    The best way to insert the sample is by using an "Instead Cup" typically used during your period. Fill the cup with the sample and carefully have her insert it as far up as possible. She might want to experiment with this prior to to get a good technique down so there is little to no spillage. Once the cup is sucessfully inserted, have her lie on her back and elevate her hips. It also help to "pull" the semen into the uterus if she then has an orgasm. Have her lie this way for about 20 to 30 minutes. I would suggest doing this on the day of her LH surge using OPKs and a couple days thereafter if feasible.

    Good luck!


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    BEST of luck to you in your cycle!
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