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Facing a Selective Reduction with Quads

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    So sorry that you are facing this decision (and having to face it with a sense of urgency, at that). Everyone is right that it is a decision only you and your DH can make--the rest of us can only say what we chose to do ourselves. I reduced from triplets to twins in May and my twins are now 10 weeks old. My goal was to have healthy babies (and a healthy ME) so the reduction seemed very logical to me. Of course I loved all 3 babies equally, but in the end had to let one go in order to give me my beautiful healthy twins. Things got better after the reduction, emotionally, and I do not regret it at all. I was finally able to enjoy the pregnancy and move on. I wish you the best of luck in whatever decision you make.

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    momo twins in Quad pregnancy
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    Sad note...the identical girls didn't survive. We found out today at an ultrasound. The doctor couldn't pinpoint why except that the placenta looked like it had shrunk and that they babies died last week. The other 2 are doing great and are on track for 13 weeks 5 days. I feel a sense of sadness that I was thinking about reducing the identicals but now they are gone.

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    at least you didn't have to make the decision and go through a painful reduction....now you can enjoy the rest of the pregnancy. It's awful to say, but I was hoping what happened to you would have happened to me so I wouldn't have to make a decision to reduce. I also loved all my babies and wish they could all be here. When I reduced 2 babies, I mentally changed forever.

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    I had a reduction last week. I understand what its like. Can anyone tell me the symptoms they had afterwards?

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