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Fluid leakage after SR - how much is normal?

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    Fluid leakage after SR - how much is normal?

    I was just wondering if anybody had clear fluid leak after the reduction. I do not any cramps or bleeding. Please let me know if anyone else had this and if I should be worrying?

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    I didn't have any, but my peri did say it was possible I'd have a small amount if the reduced fetus' sac was leaking. However, I would call the doc who did your reduction and discuss. Hope all is well!

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    I didn't leak a lot of fluid after my reduction but I had a CVS is one pg and leaked quite a bit of fluid then. I believe it's fairly normal because they puncture the sacs when they insert the needle, therefore it would seem logical that you could leak a lot of fluid.

    If you have any questions or concerns PLEASE CALL the doctor. It's their job to take care of you phsycially and emotionally and a quick peak through u/s can alleviate a ton of fears.

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    i only bled a liitle but had no leakage...but everyone is different...call your doctor

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    After my 4-->1 reduction I leaked enough fluid to soak undies plus wake up in a small puddle. I completely freaked out. It was the fluid from the sac of just one of the reduced fetuses. Good luck!

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