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7 weeks pregnant with triplets...thinking I may face a reduction in a few weeks

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    Quote Originally Posted by angiepo View Post
    Thank you, I know it sounds horrible but since I found out I prayed so God could take one so I didn't have to go through this decision, all I wanted was to be a mom again, and here I am considering ending a life, I have no much time left since I gotta schedule this week if I'm doing it, it's horrible because of all the risks of carrying the triplets but it's also horrible to think about a needle in your baby's heart, I wish I was strong enough to just do something but I'm here just trying to ignore the situation
    I understand your statement about God making the decision for you. I would also. In the end examine your pros and cons, listen to your heart even if it says reduction, and the advice of the doctors and go with that. We are humans decision like this will be difficult. I will continue praying for you and the process.
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    Hi, I haven't heard from you in a while and I hope you're doing good, I made the horrible mistake of joining a group on facebook with triplet moms, I went there asking for support and I just ended up being attacked because of considering reduction, I just wanted to hear both sides of the road, they called me stupid and other names that I won't mention, just because of asking a question, now I feel like I'm forced to keep them for shame, I never wanted to reduce for pleasure, I'm considering it because I want my twins to stay inside of me for as long as they can. But now I feel horrible. My doctor called today since I'm 11 weeks and she said she doesn't think a CVS is necessary because of how the nt scan looks, I don't know what to think

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