Please be aware of those around you and respect how they may be feeling regarding your success.

We are all happy for BFPs. We're happy when betas double appropriately. We're ecstatic for the heartbeat.

But we may also be thinking 'why not us?'

A pregnancy announcement on the bb is fine especially if you've been an active participant of the board. Just make sure your post is tagged appropriately.

If you wish to discuss your pregnancy, please respect the others still battling and do so on the Due Date boards (we've all been known to stalk our friends over there) OR start a separate thread that is tagged "PG MENT" so if someone is having a bad day or a failed cycle they can choose to not read it at that time.

Remember. These are INFERTILITY boards. There is bitterness here. There is anger here. There is sadness. There is also love and unconditional support.

Thank you.