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    Question about my twins via donor eggs

    I gave birth to my twin girls in 2009 and they will soon to be 2 years old. When they were born, one of my girls looked just like DH and my other girl looked like him also except somehow different. Hard to explain. Her head was shaped like his, her nose was like his, but everything else was different. My first thought was "ok everything else must be from the donor, but when I looked at her eye's they were blue!!! I am African-American with brown eyes and my donor was half African-American and half Dominican and also had brown eyes and caramel complexion like me. As she got older her eye's went from blue to grey, and now they are greyish-green and don't seem to be changing anymore. She is VERY light complected with thin lips. If I didn't know her and saw her I would think she was mostly caucasion. My other twin is light complected also (as their Dad is on the lighter side as well but still has some brown to him- like an Olive complextion). My question is: Is that possible for her to have those eye's and features when my husband's eyes are light brown and the donors eye's were brown? Where are the caucasion features coming from?

    On the other hand I have a close caucasion friend who had her son naturally and her and her husband both have dark hair, as well as their older son and yet this baby was born very fair skin with red hair!!

    I love my both my babies (of course) regardless but I was just curious.

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    hi. Congrats on your twins! Both my mother and father are completely Italian, have dark complexions, dark brown hair, and dark brown eyes. I came out with flaming red hair (it is in the family), pasty white skin, and green eyes. I definitely have features of my dad and know I came from my mom, so there's no denying my genes! My brother has red hair too but has brown eyes.
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    I have 2 friends who have daughters with flaming red hair and it does not run in their family. My Mother was one of 6 and she is the only one with red hair. My siblings and I have red hair but it runs on my Father's side also. Sometimes recessive genes can come through. Do a google search of Victoria Rowell's daughter. She is African-American actress and her daughter looks very white. The Father was white but his traits/genes were obviously dominant when they weren't the dominant gene, if that makes sense, lol
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    Dominicans can have green and blue eyes. It could have come from that side of the family. I am half trini and have plenty of cousins who have green eyes!! matter of fact my eyes are very light brown but my mom and dad both have dark brown eyes. My sister has dark brown eyes also. Any of the islands in the carribean can have a mix of races! and some how my dd has natural blond highlights (her dad is AA and I am biracial)..
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    Thanks for shedding some light on this for me. You were all very helpful.

    Neytiri- my dd also has sandy light brown hair with blonde streaks!! I love both my girls soooo much because of their differences. They're both enique in their own special way. I feel so blessed and honor to be their Mom!!

    Thanks again

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    for many years growing up I thought I was adopted as I have blondish light brown hair and blue eyes. Both my parents have dark brown/black hair and brown eyes. I thought brown couldn't produce blue...however my grandparents, cousins and sister all have blue.

    I wonder about my babies as my Doctor has many embryo donors however the majority are east indian. Doesn't matter to me however he found me 3 cauc emby's. He felt that since we have one natural daughter with blond hair and blue eyes in our small community race will matter.

    He found us emby's from parents with blonde hair and blue eyes. I know their medical history, occupation, height, weight but not what they look like.

    However as I was prepped in the table waiting for the transfer, legs up and exposed in walks the emryologist randomly talking about 5 embryos, I said no, 3 embryos, he said no your were donated 5. I sat up and said NO, 3!!! He said 44 year old donor.....I said NO, 27 year old donor who gave me three...

    All heck broke out and in walks the doctor who straightened things out. Originallly there were five donated to a woman before me who only used two, she wanted to pass on the remaining three as both of her took and she had twins. I was the next receiver.....whew...

    I still wonder if I will get a shock when I give birth! LOL, doesn`t matter we would have adopted from anywhere.
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    How did your pregnancy turn out? Blonde hair baby?

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