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Pgs-how many of your blasts were normal?

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    7 blastocysts tested and two came back euploid. They were number 1 and number 3 best rated. So, for me the best looking ones, were the euploid ones. We banked them when I was 38. Oddly, both euploids were from my first cycle and my second cycle had no euploids. Also, oddly enough, I had a low fertilization rate, but all eggs that fertilized, made it to blastocyst. That's pretty unheard of.

    Also, in case anyone is wondering, we thawed all, biopsied and revitrified. Everything looked good. (We had a former doc tell us this can't be done. It can.)
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    2 easy kids then 5 miscarriages

    IVF1 7/13: 9E, 6M, 3F, 3 frosties
    IVF2 9/13: 10E, 8M, 4F, 4 frosties
    IVF3 11/13: 9E, 7M, 4F, 3DT of 3=Miscarriage #6 (69XXX)
    IVF4 4/14: 13E, 10M, 9F, 3 blasts transferred=BFP, 14dpo=365, 16dpo=662 u/s @ 6w2d shows 2

    Twin boys born at 31 weeks. B passed away at 10 days old, but A is healthy

    PGS completed on 7 frosties, 2 normal

    FET 6/16 of 46XX

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    ***Pregnancy Mentioned***

    I did bank eggs, then embryos. After three cycles (first was just eggs that we thawed and did ICSI) and the last two that we fertilized we ended up with 2 PGD embies, both boys. In fact all but one of the embies were boys. I can't remember the number of embryos that made it to biopsy but seems like my follicle count was always 24, retrieved 6, 2-4 made it to day 5. My RE advised one more cycle to hopefully get a third PGD embryo, this time we retrieved 6, all were girls, one PGD.

    We transferred the two boys (I did them in order of being flushed) to a gestational carrier. Both stuck. I have 10 month old twins. We will try transferring the girl this fall. My age was 40-41 during the cycles. I chose to do PGD so I would know whether I was wasting my time (no good eggs meant I would stop trying plus I had AMA). Also my gestational carrier could move on to help someone else.

    I only make this statement based on what the two attorney's for myself and my GC said. Every time they have had two PGD embryos transferred into a surrogate it resulted in a twin pregnancy. The doctors stats were 40-50% chance with a single transfer and 60% chance of A (one) pregnancy with transferring two embryos (but this in women with a known history of infertility). The chance of twins was maybe 20-30%. I didn't think it would work at all. I hate to say two attorney's were right but it turns out they were. Keep in mind my GC had the "golden uterus" and my infertility status was really unknown as I have never tried to get pregnant but was advised against so for medical reasons. (In other words perhaps I could have easily gotten pregnant and carried to term but we would never know).
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lily&Daisy View Post
    We had 28 eggs retrieved, 21 fertilized and 13 made it to day 5/6 blasts. We did PGD on all 13 and 5 came back normal.

    I'm 38 and DH is 45. This is our first IVF/ICIS cycle and we have our FET on 8/17 or 18. (We've been battling male infertility for 14 years)
    How did your FET go?

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    It went great! We have a beautiful 6 month old daughter!
    Me: 38 DH:45
    TTC 2001-2005; 2013-present
    DH: Blocked duct surgery 2003 unsuccessful
    Me: Myomectomy of 4 fibroids 5/11/15

    #1 IVF/ICIS (no transfer) - 7/11/15 retrieval:
    28 eggs, 21 fertilized, 13 PGD, 5 normal!

    #1 FET (x2) - 8/17/15; Beta 8/26/15 (9dp5dt) - 151
    U/S 9/17, 7wks1day, 132 HB
    U/S 10/20, 12wks, 168 HB
    11/3, Counsyl test: It's a girl!
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    We had 6 blasts tested. 4 came back normal. I also had two children from this batch. So from 9 blasts, one didn't make the thaw, two children (boys), 4 normal (3 girls 1boy) 2 abnormal. I was just shy of 34 during this cycle. 6 out of 9 are "normal "
    Me (37) PCOS, DH (34) Perfect
    3 failed IUI's
    IVF#1- Everything looked good- BFN
    IVF#2- Everything looking good- BFN
    IVF#3- BFP! Baby boy born 2013 (he's perfect)- 8 to freeze!
    FET- Going for #2- BFP- Baby boy #2 (perfection)
    FET- #2- starting Cycle Sept. 2016 (fingers crossed)

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