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    Anyone m/c after Amnio?

    I am having a VERY hard time deciding on amnio or not. I can't seem to find much of anything on anyone m/c after they have had a m/c. My ob has never had a m/c in her practice, and most ladies seem to be ok after, I am just so dang nervous about it. I want to do it for piece of mind, and to be prepared if something looks bad. Has anyone heard of anyone m/c after?

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    Sorry, barge.

    I had an amnio about 4 weeks ago. I was a nervous wreck - I had previously had preterm rupture of membranes in the 2nd trimester & really did NOT want an amnio...but had been given 1:2 odds of a chromosome problem at my 1st trimester (nuchal) scan.

    I grilled the doctor doing the amnio & was even worried about what position to be in after the amnio (left side? right side?) and how long after the procedure to worry about complications. By the time I finished the list of questions he said "Wow, you really have thought about this a lot. You know, problems that occur are really very rare. I can't remember the last time we had a major complication". Of course, to the one woman in 500 or so that have a problem, the statistics don't matter. I researched a TON & found very few stories of problems after an amnio. Odds are very much in your favor. If you have had other markers for a problem, I would do an amnio for peace of mind (just make sure you are using a doctor who does several amnios a week). If it is just for AMA, I would skip it.
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    Most of the time I hear stories about women who have amnios and go on fine with the rest of their pgcy( you can also check the gen pgcy board). I have only read about one person on the yahoo immunology board who suffered a loss following an amnio. She also had immune issues, so it was never determined for certain if the amnio caused the loss.

    I know it is a tough decision to make Hoping you can make peace with your decision either way.


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