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Male couple in surrogacy process

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChinaMonkeys View Post
    ' Sunnyfather2016 '

    I just ' PMed ' you ...

    I just do not know how to read the private messages. It seems advertisements. I can be reached by email sunnyfather2016@gmail.com



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    Thank you all for being involved into discussion. I was absent for some time.
    You are all right that gay surrogacy is not such an easy thing as for hetero couples. We should fight for our rights and right to be parents is not an exception.
    We with my husband spent a lot of times looking for a reliable agency and I completely understand what you are talking about. We were searching for the one with suitable conditions, we had a few consultations in different agencies, so I want to share with you our experience.
    What I consider useful thing is to make a list of agencies which seems good to you according to main criterias (location, conditions, prices etc.)
    majority of agencies offer first free consultation and as for me it is great option for those who are in search. It is very convinient just to make a call and to know answers for questions you have.
    Of course, before making a call it is needed to make a list of questions you want to ask not to forget smth important.
    After we made all these steps we chose three best variants with the most suitable conditions for us.
    And here is the most difficult part))) how to choose the best among the best?!
    It took us a long time to take a final desicion. We were luck to visit conference of one agency and to meet personally with the consultant of the other one.
    So, now we made final decision and our journey started. We just signed a contract and are waiting when the donor's and surrogates mother's stimulation period will be finished to be ready for the main part - embryo transfer.
    What benefits we have in our package: we chose the donor with characteristics we wanted (hight, shape of faces, eye/hair color etc.) wanted our baby to have the best genes)))
    Also agency matched us with experienced surrogate mother who has positive experience of being surrogate before and who gave birth to healthy child.
    And what we liked also is that there is ability to pay for the program by parts for each stage, no need to pay whole sum at once.
    There are another pluses concerning organization the process but it is not so important as the process of "conceiving a baby" itself.
    So, wish us luck, be in touch!

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    Accept my congratulations! Think ED's and SM's stimulation is still in process and can imagine your excitement
    It is really great news and I wish you all the best on your way towards parenting.
    How many embryos they will transfer and how many children do you want one or two?

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    Thank you very much @Dan243
    We wish to be parents of twins or even triplets
    In a couple of days we will have transfer, excitement is growing and probably the most important stage of the program begins. After transfer it is needed to wait aprox. a couple of weeks to know for sure if surrogate is pregnant or not. I don't know how I'll cope with emotions during this time.
    We will not be present at the process itself and it is even harder to wait until manager will call and tell us what is going on there.
    But have nothing to do, so are waiting for successful conceiving and for our future miracle

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