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Over 40 Cycling December (2013), January and February 2014

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    Nilah2- I just wanted to share this thread with you to help with IM injections: http://www.fertilethoughts.com/forum...tion-site.html
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    Nilah I've never given myself an IM shot. I typically do the trigger in the gut. One of my nurses says it's easier if you flex one leg (one is straight and the other is bent at the knee, you do the quad/glutes of the straight leg) and you can feel the muscle easier. It works for the hubsy, anyway.

    Good luck tomorrow! Think happy baby thoughts, or at least relaxing ones!
    Me: Over 40
    DH: 37
    Medium FSH, Low AMH, Medium AFC
    Lots of IVFs (3 more to go!)
    Banked Embryos: 7 embryos (OE) + 6 embryos (Donated by cousin)

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    alexisw I saw on your signature that you have five high quality day 3 embryos! It sounds like you're planning on transferring blastocysts on 12/7?

    Candylilacs This cycle sounds pretty great with your follicles being in a nice and tight range. Sounds like your backup plan using your cousin's eggs is looking promising too although I hope you won't need to go that route.

    cbaker111 I can't remember whether it was this thread or the previous one (Sept/Oct/Nov) but there was a discussion on what types of things would help with an FET. Candylilacs says that insulin resistance is a top cause of implantation failure, so you may want to adjust to eating a more Paleo-type diet. I would continue with prenatals, omega 3 etc. My doctor prescribes this compounded B12/B6/folic acid pill for me to take. Perhaps ask about that. My acupuncturist advised me to eat seeds post transfer. Sunflower seeds & pumpkin seeds are tasty.

    Essemkay I'm happy that you're sticking around to keep us updated on your IUI. The more the merrier.

    Jennsomm Hi there! Taking a break is a great idea, especially with the craziness of the holidays. Of course, I would say that since I'm also taking a break and coming back in full force in January :-)

    Miracles@45&46 So great to hear from you! 6 follicles is phenomenal, especially for a mini-stim. Did you decide to do HGH? I know you were considering doing it. Fingers crossed for you mini #3!

    Nilah2 Good luck with the trigger tonight and ER tomorrow morning

    WantingOur1st I agree that mixing is stressful! I avoided a lot of it the first couple of times by using a Follistim pen. But then I was told that there's more overfill in the vials which makes it much cheaper. For instance, a 450IU vial of Gonal-F really has ~600IU which is is two doses for me. I'm sure you'll be in a pro in no time!

    With regards to the setback for D&C. An OB told me that it's acceptable to TTC again once you get your period. How long that takes varies. 4-8 weeks?

    EOE Hope you're all doing well

    AFM I had my WTF appointment on Wednesday and it was very productive. My RE said that she was really happy with the stim and we're fighting age at this point. She didn't want to make changes or add things just for the sake of doing it. She went through each variable and explained why she wanted to keep things the same.

    The only tweak to the protocol she's suggesting is to take dexamethasone while doing stims. I did a Google search and of course the first article I find is a very scary one about how too many REs are prescribing dexamethasone for the first 10 weeks of pregnancy and how it's untested and may be unsafe etc.

    But that's not what she's suggesting. So I went over to pubmed and sure enough there was a promising report titled "Low-dose dexamethasone augments the ovarian response to exogenous gonadotrophins leading to a reduction in cycle cancellation rate in a standard IVF programme." Low-dose dexamethasone augments the ovarian respo... [Hum Reprod. 2001] - PubMed - NCBI The study was done on women < 40 years but I'm willing to give it a shot.

    She scanned my ovaries to see if we should be starting another cycle immediately instead of waiting until after my vacation. She saw two cysts and only about 2-3 antral follicles on each side so suggested that taking a month off would be a good thing. I asked her about the cysts and she said that they're progesterone filled entities that may cause menstruation to be slightly delayed even thought they would probably collapse in a couple of days.

    Sure enough, AF started today. That means that my next AF should come in January after I come back from vacation. As a precaution, my doctor suggested that I take two days worth of IVF medication with me in case my cycle starts before I return.

    In the meantime, I'm continuing with weekly acupuncture and will resume working out. I need to resume better eating as well. I fell off the Paleo wagon over the holidays and it's so hard to get back on. I swear, sugar is more addictive than crack cocaine...

    Sticky vibes and baby dust to all!
    Me: 42, AMH = 0.32, FSH = 8.3, AFC =7
    DH: 41
    Twitter: @SecretBabyWish
    IVF #1: July 2013
    4 fertilized eggs. No blastocysts.
    IVF #2: Oct 2013
    1 follicle, convert to IUI. BFN
    IVF #3: Nov 2013 *New RE*
    Transfer 5 day-3 embryos. BFN
    IVF #4: Jan 2014
    Transfer 4 day-3 embryos. BFN
    IVF #5: Feb 2014
    Transfer 4 day-2 embryos. BFN
    Natural TTC henceforth...
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    Hi Miracles and Mommywants - I think I win the senior citizen award as I am 48. A lot of my friends are turning 50 this year and have been getting their AARP cards right around their 50th bdays! I hope I finish with this infertility stuff, one way or the other, before my AARP card arrives. You ladies have me beat on egg age though since mine are from a cycle when I was 41. Glad that we are in this together and that I am not the only one out there who thinks having a baby on the far side of 45 isn't a crazy idea! Babydust to everyone.
    Me: 49
    Dad: 46
    3/05 - 06/05: 3 BFN IUIs
    8/05: IVF #1 age 40, BFN
    9/05: BFP naturally
    11/05: m/c

    08/06: IVF #2, new lab, age 41, 4- 8 cell transferred, 12 frozen
    09/06 BFP
    4/23/07: Leonardo David is born
    2/25/14: FET, 6 thawed, only 2 survived to transfer, BFN
    7/11/14: FET,6 thawed,only 2 survived to transfer, BFN
    And that's a wrap.
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    cbaker111 and Secret I don't know if insulin resistance is the leading cause, but once you get over 40 everything isn't as great as it used to be and you may find yourself to be more insulin-resistant -- which is caused by aging and stress. I didn't know stress had anything to do with it! anyway, so if you haven't had your fasting insulin checked (not fasting glucose, fasting insulin) --- check it now. If it's over 20, you may want to take Metformin which will drop it a little and may improve implantation. As always, ask your doctor. But here's a medical study on it:

    Low-dose metformin improves pregna... [Hormones (Athens). 2010 Apr-Jun] - PubMed - NCBI

    I'm on Metformin now and trying to lose more weight (already lost 30) but I have to admit with the holidays, I have not. Still, on the wagon again now. My fasting insulin wasn't good, so I have to work on that. That's why I'm just producing eggs and embryos and banking them for when I'm in a little better shape.
    Me: Over 40
    DH: 37
    Medium FSH, Low AMH, Medium AFC
    Lots of IVFs (3 more to go!)
    Banked Embryos: 7 embryos (OE) + 6 embryos (Donated by cousin)
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    Went in for my day 5 ET today. Two early blast transferred Grade BB, BC. One morula still growing in the lab, hopeful it would make it to freeze and I will not need it. The two weeks wait begins.. Anyone currently in 2 weeks wait?

    Me:41, AMH 0.7, FSH 14.0 and Estradiol 35.5
    DH:47 , low count; TTC 2 years

    IVF #4 - planning for June 2014
    IVF #3 - December 2013
    12/2 - ER- 12 follicles
    12/7 - 2 blast, 1 morula; Transfered 2 early blastocysts; BFN

    IVF #2 - July 2013; ER 7 follies; Day3- 2 embryos transferred; BFP - chemical pregnancy

    IVF #1 - February 2013; ER 10 follies; Day5 - 2 blastocysts transferred; BFN
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    Over 40 Cycling December (2013), January and February 2014

    Cbaker, having 41year old own eggs is a great thing!! Had to laugh about the AARP card. Glad to laugh about it together.

    Mommywants2 - so glad to be in this together too. Glad you have one and at 44, talk about inspiration. I love the company while I pray for one, then two.

    Nilah- so excited for your retrieval. I don't know about you but they make me feel so hopeful and I'm really happy during them. Because i do local anesthesia, where I go, they show you the egg in the Petri dish for about 3 seconds before they whisk it away. Almost makes me cry when I see it. I hope so much yours was super successful and anxiously waiting to hear.

    Secret, thanks for being so uplifting. I fell off the paleo wagon a bit too, sugar has always been my downfall snd stress and feeling in the dumps a bit made me lose some ground. I'll start up again if you will! I asked about HGH and my RE doesn't believe in it. I thought he wouldn't so I'll follow his guidance for now with it.

    Alexis, good luck!!! Hoping these next 2 weeks go quickly and you get that very best news!

    Candy, when is your ER? Can't wait to hear. Hope the 6 all stay in unison.

    Agr72 - how are you healing? I hope you are doing ok and taking care of yourself.

    Alc2012, how are you??? Stop by and let us know. You're in my thoughts!

    Sally- I have been thinking of you. I am praying for great results from the PGS testing for you. I can imagine how hard that wait must be, I go nuts each day of the embryo report. Hoping to hear wonderful news and my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!

    Redhead and Lynnelu, thinking of you.

    AFM, holy cow has stress and anxiety been eating at me the last week. My work gets very affected by the holidays, it's a retail company, and the workload has quadrupled compared to last year. I am so stressed that I keep trying to calm myself down. With another cycle starting after a failed cycle (no blasts), and my mom coming to stay next week for the holidays, I'm struggling. I keep debating on canceling this month but things look pretty good for this round so I refuse to lose the few eggs I have left. Just a lot to handle right now and need to meditate or do something to help.

    Candy, I think it was you who said that you read stress won't affect things as badly as we think. I sure as heck hope that is the case!!!

    So I've got a 7,7,8,9 on right ovary and a 10mm on the left with 2 cysts dying down. Going for 5 feels good, just want them to stay in sync this time. I'm making my clinic monitor me even more than the RE has me for because I'm not missing ovulation this time if my stress makes me go early. As my RE said, the pituitary gland in older women can decide to do things at anytime, so this older woman is gonna check often!

    Lastly, supplements was discussed here.I have been on DHEA 75mg since Jan and after debating definitely now going down to 25mg because I've been having heart palpitations. Probably the stress is adding to it but I feel a year on them is long enough and read that's a side effect.

    I am good at keeping up 3 things now: Ubiquinol, started in Aug at 600mg/day but last month increased to 1200mg after MamiNYC pointed out she read max dosage she took (which I need). JUST started last week the Life Extension Mitochondrial Support with PQQ. I keep learning more and more as the months go by and hope adding this and this will help. Ovaboost which has melatonin and Inositol in it 2pills 2 x day.

    Royal Jelly 2000mg and wheatgrass (when I can remember) and would like to start Arginine).

    And acupuncture since Aug, 2x week.

    So that's been my magical pill potion that I hope will do the magic!

    Mami, so excited you saw a heartbeat!!!! It's the most wonderful thing to see in your siggie!!! Enjoy this beautiful time and congratulations!!!

    Thinking of everyone else here...

    Really sorry for the long post but wanted to catch up and have missed everyone.

    Baby dust and perfect chromies to us all!
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    Me: 47, DBF: 44, kitty, TTC #1 embryo banking for PGS
    2013:IVF#1 July 7R, 3M no Blast
    New RE! MINI IVF's: 2013- #1 Oct 8R, 4F, 1 Blast frozen!
    #2 Dec 3R, 2 Blasts frozen!
    #3 Feb 3R, only day 3
    #4 Apr 1R, morula only
    #5 Jul 2 follies, no eggs
    #6 Aug 3R, morula only
    #7 Oct 4R, 1 Hatching Blastocyst
    #8, Nov 4R, morula only
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    alexis- congrats on being pupo. Good luck with the 2ww. I hope the one in the lab continues to grow.

    Miracles- It sounds good that they seem to be growing together, I hope it stays that way. When do you go back for monitoring?

    Hi EOE. I hope everyone is doing great.
    AFM- I had my retrieval. We got the 3. They will call me tomorrow with fert report. I am tired and sore.
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    Hi everyone, after my last BFN I decided to take a break from forums and work on myself a bit. So much has happened here, I've had a quick read..

    Miracles - I really admire your tenacity and I hope you get some blasts to test.

    Nilah - Sorry to hear of your loss. Fingers crossed for a great fert report.

    Alc, AGR & Secret - So sorry, hugs.

    Mami - What an inspirational story you and your little bean are.

    Sally - I hope you get good PGS results.

    OHL - Good luck with your journey. My RE here in India will transfer OE with DE. My biggest concern with that is, if the unthinkable happens and you end up with quads, and are forced to reduce, how do you choose?

    Hi and babydust to EOE.

    AFM - I've done another FET since writing last. What a rollercoaster. I'm on my phone so will try to keep it brief. Felt what I was pretty sure were implantation cramps 8dpo. Thought I might be pregnant but kept going backwards and forwards second guessing myself. Couldn't hold out so POAS 13dpo. Extremely faint second line! Joy, tears, gratitude, woohoo! HPT was sensitive to 25 so I knew it was on the low side, but I was in the game and boy was I happy. 12 cycles, 44 embies transferred, 1m/c and 1 chem, and finally my turn had come!

    Did a beta the same day, but didn't get results that day due to poor communication, grrr, I was pissed, but powerless. POAS next morning, again faint second line but no darker. S***, what's happening? Shouldn't it be darker? Wasn't sure as it was so faint anyway. Intuitively disappointed but waited for day before's beta results.

    Beta 6.4 What! WT mother F!! How could that be when HPT is sensitive to 25? Had no clue what was going on. RE didn't either, asked me to retest in 2 days. Googled the crap out of it, finally discovered HCG stays in urine longer than blood. Figured that's what had happened, it was chemical, HCG was on the way down. What a freakin curve ball.

    POAS 15dpo, same faint line. Still? I've used these tests lots of times, and they've always been accurate. Started to get my hopes up again, even convinced myself the line was fractionally darker.. maybe beta is going up, maybe test is much more sensitive than it says. Pray, pray pray. Give blood for beta. Pray, pray, pray.

    Beta 2.1.. all over. Broken hearted.

    And that was yesterday.

    So anyway ladies, I wish you all the absolute best. I wanted to update you, but want to again take a break from forums, I feel it's helping me heal at the moment. Back home for Christmas on Sunday, and I may cycle again next year, but the jury's still out.

    Take care and I hope everyone gets their precious THBs.
    Me 45, PCOS; DH 46; TTC #2

    2012: IVF3 March - BFP, m/c at 7 weeks
    FET2 Aug, FET3 Sept, IVF4 Nov, FET4 Dec - BFN x4

    2013: IVF5 Jan (Mini), FET5 Feb - BFN x2
    IVF6 April (Mini - Clexane, steroids, AH) - BFP, chemical
    FET6 Aug (Clexane, steroids, AH), IVF7 Sept (Mini, AH), FET7 Oct/Nov (AH) - BFN x 3
    FET8 Dec (AH) - BFP, chemical

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    Former lurker/joining/following…

    Miracles@45&46, Mommywants2, Cbaker111 - I'm right behind you ladies! Thank GOD you and ALL the ladies over 40 are here! I'm not giving up YET and so glad you are not either!

    Alexisw - thanks for posting info about pronuclear transfers and the need for mitochondrial energy! I learned about it a few months ago by a Dr. at New Hope and hope that some day we can all benefit from the technology. In the meantime, I've added PQQ as well to my long list of supplements. I will be uping ubiquinol from 800 to 1200mg daily.
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    Me:45; AMH<.16; FSH varies 7-16; antral follices - 2-6
    History of stage 2 endo, fibroids, uterine polyps
    DH:45; vas reversal
    Sept 2013 - Mini iVF #1 - embryo arrested day 4
    Oct 2013 - Mini IVF#2 - ovulated early, cancelled
    Nov 2013 - Mini IVF#3 - embryo arrested day 4
    Jan 2014 - Mini IVF#4 - praying for a blast!
    my personal blog - to keep my sanity - ourhuntforonegoodegg.wordpress.com
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