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Experience with mini IVF

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    Experience with mini IVF

    HI everyone,

    we're looking into mini- IVF because we don't have IVF coverage at all on our insurance (even though they seem to cover our Gonal-F injections for IUI.) Because of a tubal factor we might have to try to find money OOP for IVF. We're looking into mini or EZ IVF as it is also sometimes called. Does anyone have experience with this? It seems like Gonal-F goes through on our insurance, so maybe we can bypass the costs of IVF meds. Thankful for any advice! We're based in NYC.

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    Hi Felicia,

    I tried a mini IVF in October but switched to an IUI instead. For me it wasn't worth the money to only get 3 eggs when with a full IVF I get about 20. For a person with DOR it is a great alternative. They will put you on clomid and injections. Being that you are in the NYC area there are 2 clinics that do it New Hope and Long Island IVF. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me.

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    Hi Ladies
    I'm currently in my 2nd mini IVF cycle...my first one resulted in 2 blast that I banked.

    ~~Preg. Ectopic Mentioned:
    I seemed to get pregnant rather easily but suffered 3 ectopics due to PID this resulted in the loss of both tubes - I loved the idea of mini-IVF because I'd like to expose my body to as little meds as possible. I was instantly intrigued by Life IVF in Irvine, they specialize in natural and mini IVF - the process is sooo simple, 50mg clomid days 3 thru 10 and then a booster shot of 150 gonal f day 6 & 8. The great lab when doing mini or natural IVF is essential, must use vitrification for freezing. I've met many women who have had success with mini IVF...I think the egg quality is better when less meds are involved. I'm so happy that we have this option now..IVF has come so far it terms of technology and efficiency that with a combination of a skilled doctor and great lab/embryologist many don't need an abundance of embryos. Also, I don't have to worry about what to do if there are too many extras, no worries of OHSS, so many plus + - -

    Since you are in NY - New hope is related to Life IVF from what I understand both doctors studies in Japan where mini IVF was pioneered. Whatever you decide I wish you success!

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