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Clinic mistake or immaculate conception?

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    Exclamation Clinic mistake or immaculate conception?

    I am in a very odd place...

    After a varied IF journey including but not limited to Clomid, IUI's, and IVF I am a proud mommy to two munchkins (one from a fresh cycle of IVF and one from a FET). In November we did a single embryo transfer FET resulting in (SURPRISE!) identical twins.

    At about the midpoint of pregnancy (yesterday) I had a consultation with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist to assess the risk level if my pregnancy and you can imagine my surprise to discover I am carrying a boy AND a girl... Not the identicals we had anticipated. Now I don't give a rat's rear end what gender they are, but I have a huge problem with the possibility of a clinic mistake. The facts as I see them are these:

    1) We were told we had one embryo and we agreed to transfer one embryo.
    2) Because it was a FET, my ovaries were suppressed during the entire cycle... I had no follicles mature that month.
    3) Regardless of #2, my DH and I did not have intercourse AT ALL during the month prior to the transfer and for several months following due to the cycle, illness, and morning sickness.
    4) The gender was confirmed by the high-risk doc, an ultrasound tech, and our regular OB/GYN.
    5) The twins measure to the same day of each other according to size. So logically they were conceived at essentially the same time.

    Barring multiple misread ultrasounds, I suspect there was a mistake made at the clinic and it is freaking me out. Although I am happy to be pregnant , there is a definite feeling of betrayal and fear that is thoroughly unpleasant. Our OB is contacting the fertility clinic tomorrow, so we won't really know anything until we hear from them.

    Have you ever heard of a scenario like this? How could they not realize they were putting two in? Where did the other embryo come from? My mind is boggled.

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    Oh my gosh. I don't know what could possibly be happening there, but I would definitely be freaking out. I would also be prepping for immediate genetic testing to confirm parentage after they are born.

    As a note on clinic miscountings, my previous clinic miscounted my FET inventory. At one point we were told we had 5 embryos when we actually had 4. Apparently the inventory page was inaccurate so they had to check the embryology log. Incidentally, when we went to transfer those 4, they accidentally only transferred 3. A little too sloppy when one is handling human life!

    Please keep us updated on what happens with this.

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    FET #1: chemical.
    9/02. Surgery to remove hydrosalpinx.
    IVF #3: BFN.
    FET #2: BFP
    FET #3:BFP
    IVF #4 BFP B/G Twins!.
    IVF #5 DE FET May. BFP, EDD 2/2/18.

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    It certainly wouldn't be the first time there was an error at a fertility clinic, however, I would caution you as to taking the u/s gender prediction as guarantee. The only guarantee is either DNA or at birth and seeing the parts with your own two eyes. As a RN who has witnessed 100's of births, the ones where the parents wound up with a different gender than predicted definitely stand out.

    It certainly seems like ****ing evidence to have three different people tell you the same news - but I wouldn't take it as a guarantee unless you're staring it in the face.

    Would you consider doing an amnio? With an experienced doctor, the risk is really minimal. But it would give you the guarantee that you're looking for now, and (i hate to even bring this up) it would also tell you whether both babies that you're carrying are genetically yours.

    Wishing you SO much good luck and PLEASE keep us updated.

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    Teachy-Keen What clinic was this? And you did have more than one frozen embryo right, so it's entirely possible they're both yours?

    My own clinic freezes 2 in a straw so you can't thaw just one. Perhaps yours is the same and someone got confused about your eSET and sent them both to be transferred? Sloppy work if so, but less awful than the idea that the extra one isn't yours.

    Good luck and keep us updated!

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    We are trying not to jump to conclusions when I know that ultrasounds *can* be faulty. Our OB is obviously going to keep an eye on the gender and re-check next week. In the meantime he was going to call the RE for our records/some answers today. So, we wait.

    We probably wouldn't do an amnio, but we would consider genetic testing. Not that it would make a difference in how we felt about the babies. As far as embryo's we had two in storage, but one of them didn't survive the thaw and was not transferred. I mean we signed a consent form for only one embryo so... Yeah. I actually have no idea about the storage in terms of how many per straw, but our OB feels confident that the likelihood of accidentally aspirating two blasts is MUCH more likely than a mistake between another patient, which is comforting in the time being.

    I'll post an update when we figure this out, but thanks for the advice and well wishes. I feel like those who haven't walked the infertility road don't quite comprehend the significance of this, you know what I mean??

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