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    Success Stories - IVF Day 5 morula/pre-blast transfer

    Hi girls,

    I'm new to this website, but it was recommended that I could get some great advice and experience with similar situations. I just completed my first IVF cycle and had my 5 day ET today. My RE put back in two grade B morula embies (no blasts to transfer). However, he noted that my ER was late in the day and my transfer was early in the day on day 5, so that could have had something to do with the embies not making it to the blast stage. However, I'm super concerned. Has anyone else has luck with transfering two morula embies on day 5 and gotten their BFP. RE said 50% chance -- if they were blast he'd give me a 60% chance given my age, diagnosis etc. However, I can't help, but worry that these little embies weren't growing the way they should be. Any successes with this similar situation would be helpful! It's hard to stay positive when you know they should be at a certain place (blasts) by day five, but they are somewhat lagging behind.

    Thanks girls!

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    Wewa, please join the group march week 03/22. and aks the same question. there are a lot of more woman checking it.
    i did not have morula transfer but sure you have great chances!!!! stay positive and join the march group. it great there
    me 32 dh32
    3 iui- bfn
    #1 ivf November 2009 BFN
    Fet- January 2010 BFN
    #2 ivf- march
    Beta 1- 11dp5dt- 818
    Beta 2- 14dp5dt 2621
    Beta 3- 16dp5dt- 8000!!!!!!!!!
    6w2d one Hb the other baby no Hb
    7w2d baby A 142 baby B Hb!!!!
    7w4d Baby A 152 baby B 120
    8w1d baby A 161 baby B 136

    10w2d baby A doing well. No baby B((((

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    I didn't have any blasts on Day 5 either. There were 4 "front-runners" that were compacting when they called me on Day 4. My clinic pushed me to a Day 6 Transfer. By Day 6, 2 of them were 1AA blasts. A 3rd one went to blast stage on Day 7.

    I ended up transferring 1 blast and freezing 2. So, 75% of my morulas made it to blast! I have had two good Beta's so far. Waiting on my 3rd Beta result this afternoon. I think it was cle from the March/April string that Kijanka mentioned who posted this: List your IVF Success Here!! - Page 26 - FertilityCommunity.com I kept reading them and it made me feel better! Keep your chin up!

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    this exact thing happened to me on my 1st ivf, so i know exactly how you feel. when i went in for my day 5 transfer, i was super worried too. the nurses did tell me that women get bfp with morulas all the time. i have pcos and had 16 mature follies. out of the 16, only 5 fertilized. on day 5, i had 4 morulas and 1 early blast. my re put in 3 grade B morulas and 1 grade B early blast....totally 4. now, my cycle was a bfn, BUT i have read about many women on this site who have had successful cycles with morulas.

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    wewannababy, we'd love to hear if your cycle resulted in a BFP? I am in the same boat as you... This is my first IVF cycle and we transferred one morula and one early blast on day 5; both with fragmentation. I'm feeling cramping, but I understand that is simply from the progesterone suppositories I insert daily. Would really love to hear the completion of your story!! I'm needing the support. I'm a mess.
    ME=33yrs / DH=34yrs
    01/2015 - Endometriosis Diagnosis
    02/2015 - Bilateral Fallopian Tubal Ligation (removal)
    05/13/15 - ER - 10 retrieved, 8 mature, 5 fertilized ICSI
    05/18/15 - ET - 2 transferred (1 morula & 1 early blast), none made it to freeze

    **Currently 2WW**
    Awaiting 06/01/2015 pregnancy test appointment.

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