Hey ladies, I was wondering if you could help me out. This is my first IVF cycle, I’m on CD 3 after stopping BCPs. I have been doing 20 units of Lupron since 3/31. I went in today for my baseline u/s and everything looked good, no cysts. My nurse called just now to tell me that I have to delay starting stims because my E2 is 78. She said to continue the 20 units of Lupron and come back on Friday to have my E2 rechecked. After we hung up I realized I didn’t ask any questions. She didn’t tell me whether this indicates some sort of problem or what happens if it doesn’t go under 50. So, my question to all of you is, have you ever, or have you ever heard of anyone, having to delay starting stims due to E2 levels not being low enough? What does a high E2 number indicate (especially after being on Lupron)? I am concerned because I know a high E2 level is usually associated with a large cyst but I had no cysts. I do have PCOS so I have tiny little cysts always but they were even smaller than normal. I am terrified that the level wont drop and it will cause my cycle to be cancelled. Any words of wisdom here?