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    gatorade and water?

    I have been drinkng lots of water during the stimming phase but do I drink Gatorade during this phse to? I thought that I start Gatorade after ER to prevent OHSS. Gosh by the time I get it together this cycle will be over I pray with a ++sign with it.

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    I was told to start drinking Gatorade right after my ER (it was part of my discharge instructions and the nurse told me that it would keep the bloating down...I guess that means helping to prevent OHSS as well). DH even stopped at Sonic on the way home and got me a huge blue Powerade to drink- it is now known affectionately in our house as "blue juice"! I drank it for weeks. Just make sure that you find a flavor that you can tolerate (important if you hopefully start getting the queasies over the next couple of weeks after ET!!!)

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    Try and find Smart Water (water with electrolytes). And I would drink it during stims all the way through beta.
    I did this with my BFP cycle and it def prevented OHSS - with my BFN I retrieved half the eggs and had OHSS.

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    Smart Water

    FYI, Trader Joe's carries Smart Water, its great. I also saw today that Crystal Light has come out with a new "Hydration" drink mix that has electrolytes. Lower calorie than Gatorade too.

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