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5 day Blast transfer is day 4 too soon?

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    5 day Blast transfer is day 4 too soon?


    I am new here but I am a veteran IVFer. I have just completed my 5th cycle with PGD and I am in need of some advice.

    I transfered 3 'normal' embryos on Monday. This was a 5 day blast cycle. I went in this morning (Thurs. Day4) and asked them for a pg test. They said it was negative but that it was too soon to do a test. I don't believe them. I know that a 5 day blast transfer...would attach within 48 hours. Wouldn't there be even just a miniscule HCG reading if it were a successful cycle?

    If you have an answer, please let me know.

    Thanks so much....

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    Well, first of all, it was ridiculous for them to even oblige you on your request for doing a beta!! Shame on them!! When you do a 5dt, implantation occurs between 2-4 days, so no, implantation does NOT occur within 48 hours. It CAN, but it's not the rule & it can take an extra 2 days!! So it's entirely possible that your little ones are JUST now settling in!!! And really, you're only 3dpt, not 4!! Which makes your RE even more crazy for testing for you!! I'm sorry, I hope I don't sound harsh, but that was more than wrong for them to do the test when there is simply NO way possible that you'd get a positive beta at just 3dp5dt!!!!! Not possible!! BTW,did they do a beta or have you do a urine pg test? Not that it really matters, because it was crazy early to even entertain the idea of testing this early!

    So, what I'm trying to tell you is that you are SO still in this game & that there is NO WAY that you should even consider counting this cycle as being over. DO NOT go in for another early beta, there's no point. My RE snuck in a beta on me at 7dpt & I did ZIFT (which means that implantation occurs between 5-7 dpt) & at 7dpt it was negative. At 10dpt it was 24.6 So, you can see just how things go. You really need to give this more time. Give your little ones a chance to settle in & start producing enough hormones for your body to know that they're there!!!!!

    Good luck!! I'm sending :stickyvib your way!!

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    I agree with Karen. I have no idea why they gave you the test. You are only 3 days post transfer... too soon to have any HCG in your system. For the labs anything less than 5 is considered negative, so it wouldn't register that "tiny, miniscule" amount you were looking for. My clinic wants to see 50 units of HCG at *13 DAYS* post a 5 day transfer.

    I'm sorry your clinic let you do this to yourself. {{{hugs}}}
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    I agree with the girls, way too early to test.
    I had 5 day blasts and was told that if they were
    to implant it would be within 24-36 hours but they
    still wouldn't test me till 9-11 days after transfer.
    Please pay no attention to that test! And keep positive!

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    You would never survive at my clinic. Beta must be at least 13 days post transfer - even 5-day transfers!! You are going to have to find some patience somewhere!! When is your next 'beta' scheduled?

    Best of luck for a positive outcome!!!
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    I cheated two weeks ago on a 5 day blast. I did an hpt on 6 day past and got a negative and freaked and called the RE. He said absolutly postivily to earty at 6 days past.

    My hospital has us wait 15 days past transfer for our betas.
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