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April IUI Cycle Buddies Apr 15th-Apr 28th

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    drsquid - I do hope this leads to a lot of BFP's in Oakland. Can only hope it's in the water or something.

    Anusha - Thanks! I do hope it sticks.

    Faith - Personally I would. As long as the count and the motility is good, it wouldn't matter to me because maybe no one else wants exactly what you want, or he's a new donor, or he just didn't want kids of his own but didn't mind selling some swimmers. I actually was not aware that my donor had children until just before the second IUI when I asked if he had any other 'families'. Turns out another couple used him and got pregnant. Because of HIPPA and all that good stuff they couldn't tell me anything more, (and I wouldn't have asked) but it did make me feel 'better' about using him again knowing it had worked.

    Stine - sorry to hear about your BFN and having to take time off while you guys discuss your options.

    ~AFM~ Got home a day early from Vegas to find a letter in the mail from the insurance company that I'm switching to from my previous insurance. Although I was supposed to go seamlessly from March to April and received a confirmation letter that said I would receive my card in the mail I instead got a letter today stating that my new insurance would not cover me until May 1st. This means that for the next two weeks I don't have insurance? I'm not sure, phone calls will need to be made.

    Poss Preg Mentioned
    I'm still covered by my old plan... I think...(which never covered maternity which is why I decided to switch before my 2nd IUI thinking that doing the one in January was kind of dangerous but it didn't pan out) but I'm worried that I might just now have a 'pre-existing' condition that the new company won't cover and will be calling them tomorrow morning as soon as they open. I am trying not to panic about the idea of them denying my pre-natal and having to pay the whole thing out of pocket! What if something goes wrong and I need an emergency... anything? This is not what I expected to hear and I do have a letter stating April 1st so... we'll see. Their website says not to cancel your coverage until it is 'confirmed'. I think the state of California has a program for uninsured pregnant women but I really wanted my own private insurance and paid for it already. Might have to just find a job with health insurance for the next nine months if this doesn't work out because this is ridiculous when they've already charged my bank account... yeah I was looking at switching again even though I'd JUST changed but that was because I thought I could get IF coverage.

    On the upside! -like a crazy person I took another test this morning and the line was darker, I also keep getting dizzy and have been exhausted. Technically AF is not due until tomorrow but there has been no sign of her at all and I usually spot for 3-5 days. I'm still excited. I know we'll figure this out no matter what, I just really want this to be real and part of me doesn't quite believe it yet, like I'll get that beta and it'll come back 0 or something WAY too low - or not double properly.

    We haven't told anyone yet, I was going to tell my mom in Vegas but chickened out. I didn't feel like it was real enough to tell her yet. I feel like I need to see the bean and hear the heartbeat before I can tell even her. Alright, I feel like I'm babbling and I'm dizzy at the moment so I should get away from the computer and go to bed.

    /End Mention
    Much love and hope for you all on your journeys. <3

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    Monday, April 16, 2012

    Waiting for

    Hopeful in MA
    KDS83 - BCPs until 4/29/12

    Grow, Follies, Grow!

    mountainme - cd5
    blueberry - cd7
    BiancaPup - cd7
    Baby2012 - cd10
    Mom2BSmeday - cd12
    Hoping4bb - cd14
    bbluesky - cd21
    mary - cd25

    IUI Time // 2WW

    FrewtyGal - 4dpo
    hokiegirl - 4dpiui
    Madie - 6dpiui
    Anusha - 7dpiui
    whenismyturn - 8dpiui
    wannabebe - 9dpiui
    drsquid - 11dpiui
    summer - 12dpiui
    iheartreading - 13dpiui
    MCJ - 17dpiui


    pangolin - +HPT @ 11dpiui; beta #1 @ 15dpiui:
    vicky2bmom - beta #1 @ 17dpiui: 297; beta @ 19dpiui: 728; U/S #1 @ 25dpiui:
    jenNICUnp - +HPT @ 11dpiui; beta #1 @ 13dpiui: 147; beta #2 @ 15dpiui: 343; U/S #1 @ 32dpiui (4/23/12):
    Mrs - +HPT @ 11dpiui; beta #1 @ 13dpiui:
    angelady - beta #1 @ 2/16/2012: 96; beta #2: 796; beta #3: 8000+; beta #4: 12000+; beta #5: 36000+; U/S #1 (3/7/12): 1 baby, HB 125; U/S #2 (3/14/12): HB 144
    rlo - HPT taken @ 2/12/12 (+); beta #1 @ 2/13/12: 11,563; U/S #1 @ 2/16/12: Saw a speck!!; U/S #2 @ 2/23/12: 140bpm;
    waiting4babies - HPT taken @ 11dpiui (+); beta #1: 240 (13dpiui); beta #2: 610 (15dpiui);
    KeniBoo - 1st HPT taken @ 14dpiui (+); 2nd HPT taken @ 15dpiui (+); U/S #1 (1/2/12): HB seen
    Lolaloo – beta #2: 238 (15dpiui); U/S #1 (7w2d): 163bpm; U/S #2: 177bpm
    dant - 1st HPT taken @ 13dpiui (+); beta #1 (16dpiui): 658; beta #2 (23dpiui): 6476 – 2 heartbeats; pregnancy @ 2/23/12: 27wks w/twin boys!!


    RRaider - Having Lap 4/20/12, and recupping
    Sanrio - IUI cancelled, until BW is up-to-date
    Felicia - taking a cycle off as per RE
    stine - waiting for RE appt 5/10/12
    BC-Heartoooangel11 - waiting to find out when to start IUI+DS
    Hozzi - waiting to hear from RE about injectibles
    Missfireemt - starting BCP 4/2/12
    barbersdaughter - out this cycle until things get back to normal
    clairity - TTC again when RE ok's it
    Tonya - waiting for results
    AngiLara - on break until June
    bumpenvy - sitting out next cycle and deciding on which treatment to move forward with
    MommaA - on break until she can get a referral to an RE
    wantingBB2 - taking time off until Jan/Feb
    LoveALotBear - DH's issues being assessed before moving on
    39&trying - waiting until Christmas when DH is on leave
    jkmommy - taking time off to live and possibly use DE's at some point
    ajeanine - concentrating on school before deciding when to cycle again
    bbhopes - taking time off to re-balance life and get back into a better head space
    gingaly - getting ready for IVF in May
    DandJ - getting ready for IVF in January
    Kit Kat - IVFing
    Julsxoxo - going to get ready to IVF
    Impatient - IVFing but still sharing all her great knowledge! [FET #1 beta #1 @ 15dpo: 241; beta #1 @ 17dpo: 699; U/S #1 (3/30/12): 1 bean @ 6w3d, HB: 124]
    margaret - going to move on to adoption
    blu_sky - always cheering us on and answering our questions!
    Vegan Princess

    Waiting To Here From

    Last edited by SC-frewtygal; 04-17-2012 at 09:26 AM.
    Married the love of my life 11/6/04

    Me 38 (obesity, AMH)
    DH 40 (MFI - morph)

    - IUIs/MC/Mini-IVF/Hyperplasia/D&C
    - 5/16 FET:4AA 6d blast
    - Beta #1 5/24: 61
    - Beta #2 5/26: 131.6
    - Evan Andrew born @ 25w2d on October 20, 2015
    - Hyperplasia recurrence/D&C/Until we decide to try again, IUD indefinitely with neg biopsies

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    pangolin Congratulations! I think my DH checked and it was made a national thing some time ago (a few years) that insurance companies cannot call pregnancy a pre-existing condition. You'd have to google it, but I'm pretty sure that's right. I haven't tested this theory yet but I'm still confident.


    Reading along off and on, but just not able to keep up with everything anymore! I'm not sleeping much at night (for totally healthy reasons, there is nothing wrong) but that and the progesterone suppositories just wipe me OUT.

    BC-H I did want to say to you though that some painkillers make me vomit and some do not -- I have a history of barfing Lortabs, but Tylenol 3 works fine. I also had a script for an Ativan pill (just one, lol) for my HSG to make me relax.

    It was not the worst pain I ever felt in my life, but it was highly painful and I do not have ANY blockages, so it's not like there was even any resistance. Please consider letting your doc give you either an anxiety pill or some T3 (Tylenol 3). (Codeine is generally tolerated well; at one time T3 was available over the counter and was easy to OD on because it doesn't really have nasty side effects.)

    You can tell I'm old, 'cause I call it T3. Sigh.

    Have a good one, ladies.

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    In Love
    First time posting. Looking for support and guidance. My husband is Azoo and we are using dono sperm.
    I was given 100mg of Clomid in Jan And Feb, produced 4 follies each time. I was cancelled in March because I produced 6 Follies on the same dosage. This month, I was lowered to 50mg and still produced 6 follies. One doctor stated that she was comfortable proceeding and another doctor said I should cancel. Since I had to cancel last month, they stated that they would allow me to decide. I'm so confused. I got BFN's with 4 follies, I don't know what to do. Is the risk of multiples that high that I should cancel? I should mention that I am 32 yrs old. Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated :/

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    Nyssanyc – Sorry about the BFN – major bummer . I haven’t eaten fresh seaweed (well except in Hawaii – mm seaweed salad) but I do love the wasabi flavored dried seaweed from Trader Joes….it is sooo delicious. I am with everyone else that it doesn’t really sound like the progesterone would be causing your hip bone rash – maybe something bit you in the middle of the night. I swear DH and I have a family of spiders living in our bed and no matter how many times I wash the bedding they return

    BC-Heart – Everyone else has pretty much given you plenty of info but my HSG didn’t really hurt that much – it felt like mild menstrual cramps (or maybe I just have horrific cramps so I am used to the pain). I did take 3 ibuprofen about a ½ hour before the procedure. The worst part of the whole thing was the antibiotics that they prescribed (doxy – something)…vomit fest!

    Faith – Weekends go by way to fast…I get a 3 day weekend every other week so my 2 day weekends are brutal. While I can’t offer any advice on the donor – I was sorry to hear that yours has become inactive and I hope that whatever decision you make will bring you your BFP.

    Stine – While I am technically moving forward with IUI/Injectables…I have also scheduled an appointment with a local infertility clinic (remember I have Kaiser – HMO so our RE’s aren’t at clinics) to discuss IVF. If you moved on to IVF would you still use donor sperm or do you have the option of doing IVF/ICSI with your DH’s stuff? We bought our house 4 years ago also, technically October 2007. Time really does go fast. I think we looked for over a year before we decided to move forward…we are really slow decision makers and I think that is why doing IVF freaks us out so much, we haven’t mentally prepared ourselves to spend that amount of money TTC.

    Frewty – I can’t imagine that Matcha would cause any sort of issues with conceiving. There is caffeine in green tea – but certainly not enough for that to be a problem either (unless you were drinking gallons of it daily). There is a wonderful smoothy from Jamba Juice called the Matcha Green Tea Blast – low calorie and delicious.

    Preg Ment –

    Pangolin – Congrats.

    I don’t quite know about insurance rules but for your sake I hope that Impatient is right and that pregnancy is not a pre-existing condition.

    End Ment:

    Hoping&trying – Hello follies!! I know that my current RE will cancel the cycle if I produce more than 5 follicles…I also think that they alter their limit depending on whether the patient is willing to do selective termination – hopefully you and your doctor have discussed this because you would hate for them to be making assumptions on your part. Other than that – Welcome to the board!

    AFM – As I am sure you can see from what I wrote above I have an appointment next Monday with a local clinic to discuss IVF. I could do IVF through Kaiser…but I don’t want to drive to Fremont and/or Sacramento (I can barely bring myself to drive 1 ½ hours to the Kaiser in San Francisco)…so let’s hope I like this local doctor. DH is not fully on board with IVF yet – it is a big chunk of change and I think that he really had his heart set on buying a new car. At first I told him that I didn’t care about a new car and would rather have a baby (umm…duh), but then we went and test drove a 2013 Mazda CX-5 (no mini-van Frewty) and we both fell in love with it. So now I am hoping that we could actually do both. We would probably end up financing a portion of the car, but they offer such great interest rates right now that it might not be that big of a deal. His parents offered to help with the IVF but we figured that we would look sort of douchy if we took the money for IVF and then went and bought a car – so we are leaning towards not taking it (crazy I know – we are super nuts).

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    Stine – thank you. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been. Thank you for the link. I will try and read it when I’m at home, since I am prone to tears with just about everything, and can’t be teary-eyed with work so much. May is just around the corner. Definitely get a list together of questions. I did that for my new RE, and felt good being more educated this time around.

    Frewty – your Matcha sounded yummy. I think it has caffeine in it because the powder I have (haven’t used it in ages) says Matcha Green Tea, and I’ve always known green tea to have caffeine. Hey I have a good at home recipe for you (though I haven’t made it yet) Hungry Girl - Tuesday Newsletter Hungry Girl has awesome swap recipes.

    pangolin – I would say you won really big in Vegas! Hang in there on the insurance stuff. It will get sorted out. On the loack of insurance question, you always have the option of paying for Cobra if something happens the next 2 weeks. Granted it’s expensive, but you can still get coverage. How was Elton? DH realized he’ll be there when we are next month, so I’m looking into tickets tonight.

    impatient – glad you’re still reading along. Haven’t seen any mention of meals lately. Assuming you’re still doing your kitchen magic? Speaking of kitchens, didn’t know that a cast iron sink is almost 700 bucks! Yikes. It better do something fancy after the remodel is done

    AFM – I can’t remember who mentioned the “staycation” to me, but I said that to DH about our moving out while the remodel takes place. He’s excited and talked about the restaurants we should go to. I reminded him this was the reason we are moving into an apt – so cooking in-home resumes. I think he’ll easily talk me into a few nights out though…Oh, can’t forget -----I don’t know what is going on, but since the middle of the night of IUI#2 (TMI) I’ve had the worst on and off gas and crampy pain from it. I moved into the other room last night because I didn’t want to wake DH. I thought it could be the progest supps, but I didn’t start them until the morning after the IUI. Argg. Other than that and (TMI) the runs a few days, things are good w/me. Hope everyone had a great weekend.
    Me: 43
    DH: 45
    TTC since Oct 2010
    Age-related infertility
    #1 IUI 9/14/2011 - BFN
    #2 IUI 1/12/12 - BFN
    #3 IUI 4/10/12 - BFN
    7/2012 moved to IVF

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    Possible Pregnancy Mentioned:

    Bad news - it is considered pre-existing and they don't have to cover me and during all my panicked phone calls I cancelled my beta so the lab threw away my order and my DR is out of the office until Wednesday so I can't get a new order until then - so now I think I'm going in next Monday unless she thinks Friday and Monday are fine or gets the order faxed off early enough on Wednesday. Silly pangolin, panicking. However, Impatient, you're nearly correct. If the Obama Care gets pushed through in 2014 then no private insurance will be able to call pg a pre-existing condition because everyone will be required to have some form of health insurance. I'm not exactly sure how it works out but yeah. As it is, the insurance I'm getting is part of the early Obama stuff where the government offers insurance to any person who has been denied. Like I said, it's a little higher than normal insurance in cost, but totally worth it considering the rates are not that much higher and the coverage is actually pretty good. Of course the application process is MUCH longer and I won't be covered until June 1st so my May ultrasound is coming out of pocket, that's fine. I'm not waiting until June!

    Good news - the state will cover me for only $30 more a month AND all of my current Doctors are part of the government plan! I was a little nervous at first about it until I realized they were already all on the list and I can still just have a mid-wife and a home birth if I'm problem free throughout.

    I'm still in shock and as soon as I have that beta I think I'll finally be comfortable enough to stop calling this a 'possible pregnancy'. It's just so unbelievable after two years...

    End Mention

    Hozzi - I totally understand that dilemma! If your IVF treatment was 'closer' I'd say just wait until you've gone through the first treatment and maybe you'll get a BFP and then buy the car and then you could take the money guilt free from the parents, but if waiting isn't in the game, then yeah, I'd feel funny too but yeah, I totally understand. Good luck with whatever you choose! We were looking into IVF and wow is it ever a chunk of change!

    Madie - Elton John was FANTASTIC! He really put on a great show. They started right on time at 7:30pm and he didn't leave the stage until 9:30, it was fabulous. I've been to a few shows and this one was by far the best I've seen in a long time. He doesn't disappoint!
    Much love and hope for you all on your journeys. <3

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    Faith: I went with the cheapest sperm bank with absolutely no frills, unwashed, anonymous, no long profiles, including not knowing whether or not the donor is "proven"... just the basic medical and appearance info. I couldn't justify the $100+ more per sample for this info, so I'm going on the faith that if it is meant to be, it will be. I had a list of 10 donors that met my preference info, and only 1 had samples left by the time we made up our minds. If I had the money I would probably find as much info out as possible and would only buy from a proven donor, but then that would just be one more thing for me to obsess about (says the girl who analyzes every gas gurgle and every bit of cervical mucous in the TWW).

    Good luck with your new donor search! I hope that the new vial brings you luck! I am thinking positive right now and will not deal with the whole finding another sample or another donor thing unless I see solid proof of AF. I think that 3 rounds of IUI with the same donor is more than enough, though.

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    Hozzi- I have a 96 mx5. Love my car!!! Keeping it if get pregnant and just getting a second car.

    My donor- I wanted Asian and taller than 5'10 and open ID which narrowed it down to one guy. Luckily there is a similar one there now for the next round.

    Yikes started with heartburn today but I think it is from the greasy dinner I had last night. But fingers crossed

    Pangolin- sorry about the insurance issues

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    Welcome Hoping&trying! I don't have any info on having that many follies but I hope that it all works out for you!
    Me - 36, DH - 41
    Married since May 2010
    TTC since June 2010
    Unexplained Fertility

    HSG - 4/11, found abnormality - not followed up by OB
    Clomid - 6/11, 7/11 and 8/11
    MRI - 8/11 - uterine septum
    Surgery - 8/11 - all normal!
    Started injectables - 3/12
    IUI #1 - 3/13/12 - BFN
    IUI #2 - 4/7/12 - BFN
    IUI #3 - 5/5/12 - BFN

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