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progesterone Supps and Dizziness?

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    progesterone Supps and Dizziness?


    I am on my 5th progesterone supp 100mg at bedtime. Today, I have been having these weird spinning dizzy spells. It seems to happen when I move quick or change my position. If I sit still, its not there. Is this normal? Is it the drug or something else?

    Infertile Frog

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    infertile frog...I take my prog. suppos. when I go to be every nite as well. So I have never experienced that cause I am asleep. And when I wake up I feel fine I have never had that at all? It could be a s/e. Maybe another gal here can help with an answer. If not call your RE and see what he says about it! Maybe he has you on too high of a dose? Good Luck to you!
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    Hello Frog,

    I had this happen to me with the supp's early on. I am 12w2d now and still using them. It seemed to me that I got the most dizzy from the supp's during the time that my m/s was the worst. I use mine at 6 am and 6 pm. The 6 pm one made me the most dizzy...probably because my m/s always bothered me starting around 3 p.m. and through most of the night.

    I don't think you need to worry. It'll probably get better for you soon!


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