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Sher Institute / Dr. Tortoriello?

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    Sher Institute / Dr. Tortoriello?

    Hi ladies.

    Someone recommended Dr. T at the Sher Insitute (NYC). I looked at the website and it looks wonderful, but the NYC cynic in me wonders whether it isn't too good to be true. We are currently at one of the major programs in NYC with a doctor we like very very much (this is our second clinic). We have been doing IUI and will meet him next week to discuss IVF. We also have an initial consult with Dr. Tortoriello in early January. At this age (42), 2 failed IVF cycles, 2 failed IUI cycles into this nightmare, we feel we can't put all our eggs into one basket (pun intended).

    Traditional IVF and Sher Institute approaches are so very different, it feels like I'm comparing apples and oranges.


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    I've used an SIRM clinic in Cali and I think their approach is very "pragmatic". Professional recomendations are made based upon what research demonstrates -which is something I really appreciate, since I'm a person who wants to know "why?" and "how?"

    Despite this, my RE has listened to me throughout the process and kept me involved, even if I have a different view than he does. An example of this was when we had only 2 good looking embryos on day 2 after retrieval. He allowed me to transfer 3 on day 4, since I was convinced it would help my struggling embies make it better if they were inside me. He completely explained that the science doesn't support early tranfer = higher success or multiple embryo xfer = higher success rate), but still allowed me to make a decision. This is one of the reasons that I love my RE. That cycle didn't work, but to this day, I feel like I did all I could do. I have no regrets about that cycle, and I think I might have if I'd listened to him against my wishes and got a BFN.

    I'm curious about the differences you saw at your clinic compared to the SIRM... (-:

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