I have been having a lot of lower abdomen pain for past 10 days. I am currently 29.5 days pregnant. The abdomen feels heavy and a constant sore pain, some night I am awake due to pain. I also have been having contractions for last 2 weeks, at least 1-2 per hour. I showed to doctor last week about contractions, she thinks that it may be irritable uterus. When contraction comes, I feel surge of pain followed by abdomen getting hard (like pulling my uterus out). I notice that if I don't pee in 1hr then contraction comes OR when I turn or stand up.

I have pain between my thigh area, groin pain, from 2nd semster. Also, when I try to get up from bed and keep my leg apart, I hear cracking sound of pubic bone. I don't have any diagnosis yet I saw SPD seems something like what I am feeling. Here is the link

Pelvic pain (SPD)

Has anybody felt same? what was your diagnosis? Did u go to chiropractor to get align and help?

I am on complete bed rest and cerclage is in place from week-14.

Thanks a lot