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Do contraction like cramping cause cervix to shorten or vice versa?

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    Do contraction like cramping cause cervix to shorten or vice versa?

    With my previous pregnancy, I had very bad cramps from about 11 weeks on. They would be rhythmic. Some times, they were so bad that I would have to pull over my car and try to relax. I didn't have them all the time but can definitely remember episodes that were pretty bad. My docs all said that there was nothing to be done.

    With this pregnancy, I have had no cramps like that at all (knock on lots of wood). I get aches and an occasional cramp here or there but nothing like with my dd.

    Is it possible that the cramps cause my cervix to shorten or did my cervix shorten because of the cramps?
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    Normally you cannot tell or feel the cervix shortening. Sounds more like an irritable uterus than anything.
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