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Burning the cervix???

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    Burning the cervix???

    My OB wants to burn my cervix sometime during my next cycle to help with over-acidic CM. I've failed two post-coital tests miserably (not a single live sperm on the slide), so my OB has ordered the full round of fertility tests. Along with all the tests, she suggested that she 'burn my cervix'. She said that there is no medical literature (that she knows of) that says that it corrects CM problems, but that she's had almost 100% success with the procedure. Basically, she said it's like 'burning the grass in a field... what grows back is fertile and normal'.

    After ten months of TTC #2, she's given us a 1% chance of ever getting pregnant without assistance. 1%. Ugh.

    Anyone else ever heard of this procedure?

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    I've never heard of this procedure used to help with CM. Typically it's used for precancerous or cancerous conditions of the cervix. My intincts would be to get a second opinion before proceeding with this treatment, also speak with some of the women who have gone thru it and ask how it has worked for them, their success, ect. I'm not saying it won't work, it just sounds so unusual that if it were me, I would want more information first. Best of luck to you!
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    I too have never heard of this. I would be doing major research on it and gettign a second opinion.

    Have you considered iui? CM is completely avoided that way. I'm also pretty sure it is less painful (at least sounding) than "burning" your cervix!

    Best of luck!

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    I had cryosurgery for a precancerous cervical lesion when I was 29. It isn't a lot of fun, esp the discharge for weeks afterwards. But it doesn't hurt nearly as bad as it sounds like it would.

    But I agree, IUI seems less insulting to the body and just as effective.

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