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    HSG cost question- anesthesia too

    Hi there. If I don't get pregnant in the next few months, my RE wants to do an HSG. however, due to extreme anxiety and other factors, my RE said she would do it under general anesthesia (wise woman). My question is this: has anyone here ever had an HSG done using general anesthesia, and if so, approximately how much did the whole thing cost? Also, do most insurance companies cover this test because it is "diagnostic", or do they consider it "infertility"? BTW, I live in the Chicago area. thanks!!

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    I really don't think it would be worth going under anesthesia. It only takes about 5 mins. It was not painful at all and I had one blocked tube. Just make sure you take pain medicine and have someone go with you. I know my insurance company pays for diagnostic, $2000 of treatment and 50% of treatment after the $2000

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    I did my egg retrieval for IVF under "twilight" anesthesia -- you're basically asleep and I don't remember any part of the retrieval, but it's not as "deep" as general. That was $500 at my RE's clinic, but I would imagine that costs would vary at different places.

    FWIW, my HSG was not bad at all. It was not comfortable to have a lit up speculum in my girlie bits but other than that, it was really OK. It was neat to watch on the x-ray as the dye went through, and the radiologist showed me my tubes etc.

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    I'm not sure of the cost....a real light anethesia probably wouldn't be as expensive as a general for surgery. But still costly I imagine.

    For what it's worth....I didn't find the HSG bad at all. I took three advil prior to the test and hardly felt much more than some minor cramping. In fact it didn't even come close to my period cramps. You may wish to go that route and ask for something just to relax you such as valium rather than being put to sleep.
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