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Four C-sections

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    Four C-sections


    My husband and I have recently discovered that we are pregnant with our fourth child, a rather big surprise for us. However, I am beginning to get a little nervous after researching the possible complications of having a fourth c-section. Anyone out there have any experience, both positive or negative they can relate to a mama who is getting more and more stressed by the moment?

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    Hi there!

    I am pregnant with number three and it will be c/s number three. We asked my OB to tie my tubes with the surgery and she isn't sure that she agrees. But then she remembered our frozen embryos.

    Anyhow, I asked about having more than three c/s and shouldn't that be a medical reason to have my tubes tied. My OB wasn't concerned and told us not to worry.

    Let me know if you get anymore information.
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    i researched this as well.
    i only have one child but i want more.
    from everything i have read, ss long as you have a low transverse scar, then risks are much lower.
    c-sections are sugery so as with any surgery there are always risks.
    most obs will tell you if there could be more of a risk with the next one if you have complications.
    if your ob is ok with it then don't worry.
    (i know its hard not to worry lol)

    i hope for a safe and healthy delivery for you.
    i would love to know more about this as well.
    (just wouldn't be fair if we are restricted to only having 3 or 4 children just because we had csections)
    wife to Dh, together for 8 yrs wild ds #1 3/2007 trying for #2

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    Two of my SILs have each had 4 c-sections. They still plan to have more kids, in addition to the 4 and 5(a set of twins) they already have. Here they can pop out baby after baby, and I get stuck dealing with IF and miscarriages.


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    My sis had 4 C/S and was told by the doc he felt safe doing up to 6.

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