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I need pprom success stories!

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    Question I need pprom success stories!

    Hi everyone! I am currently 27 weeks pregnant! when i was 15+4 weeks pregnant my waters broke and was told i would go in2 labour imediately and i would lose my baby! This never happened, things are starting to look slightly more positive but would really like to hear some sucess stories i am aware of lung development and i am still leaking!!

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    Hi Saffie!

    I was pregnant with b/g twins and admitted at 32 weeks b/c of PROM (premature rupture of membranes) I also continued to leak fluid. I was told I would probably deliver w/in 24 hrs. I was on hospital bedrest with 24 hr fetal heart monitoring for 2 weeks untill I was induced at 34 weeks. I was given a steroid shot for lung maturation at the time they admitted me. When my twins were born they did not need any oxygen. They were very healthy and breathing on their own. Now when you look at them 3 years later you would never think they were born premature. Rest as much as you can! Stay in bed and get a good book, magazine or some kind of crossword puzzle. Anything to keep you busy!!! Please update as soon as you can! Please feel free to PM me anytime!!
    Hope this helps!
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    IVF/ICSI#2-BFP-6/06 twins PROM at 32 weeks; born at 34 weeks 1/15/07
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    I'm sorry I don't have a success story to share, but I am in the same situation you are. I am 22 weeks pregnant and they think my water broke back at the beginning of July. I am on bedrest at the moment until I go into the hospital in the next week or two. It's scary, but keep a positive attitude! You are doing well! If you hear of any good success stories please let me know as well. I love to hear them as it gives me more hope that even if she is born early she will live.

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