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2.9 cervix with funneling

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    2.9 cervix with funneling

    exact post as incompetent cervix:

    Hi Ladies,

    I use to post on the high risk board when I was pg with my DD. Now I see this board, although not too much activity??

    Anyway, a little about me... I was high risk with my daughter due to pre-term labor & a short cervix. I was on bedrest with her fron 22-36 weeks, no cerclage (it was too late) had the terbutaline pump to help w/cx & home monitoring with Matria along w/ P17 shots.

    I am now pg again (with a boy ) and I had a preventative cerclage placed at 14 weeks. I have always had an irritable uterus, and have been contracting since about 18 weeks. My Dr (not high risk) has been seeing me weekly, I get sonos every time & my cervix has been very dynamic from week to week 2.8-3.8cm. I have been on modified bedrest since the 2.9 measurement at 24 weeks, but it went back to 3.6 since. UNTIL TODAY.

    The past few days I have contracted more than norm, did not feel well, and my 1 Dr practice was not very much help. My Dr was in the hospital delivering babies, and I left a message w/my symptoms. I got called back by the nurse saying Dr not overly concerned, to keep hydrated & off my feet (which of course I already was) Loooooooong story short, because I'm not here to bash my Dr, I went to the Dr today & my cervix measured 2.9 with funneling, stll 1cm left to go before funnel reaches stitch.

    I have been put on procardia (10mg every 6hrs) and home cx monitor has been ordered through Matria.

    I am looking for some positive stories with the same situation. I am 26.2 weeks today.

    Thanks in advance....
    Me (35) DH (31)
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    Here's my story.

    At 25 wks during a routine exam my ob thought I was funneling and admitted me to the hospital. Four days later I was examined by a peri and it was determined that I have a cyst/fibroid on my uterus that was pushing up on my cervix giving the illusion of funneling. Because of this fibroid the measurement of my cervix is ever changing. The good thing is the fibroid is actually keeping my cervix closed.

    I am now 34 wks (w/twins) and my c-section has been scheduled for 38 wks. I am on nifedipine for contractions. I have irritable uterus.

    So from 25 wks on I have been off work and resting. What was thought was funneling wasn't and my cervix is hanging in there.


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    That dang irritable uterus! I have one of them too, there's no talking to it!

    (((hugs))) I know how worried you must be, so here's one part of my story....
    At 25 wks pg at a routine visit pg w/#1 ds, I had thinned to .5 cm's...immediately shipped to the hospital, they had me in one of those beds that keeps you tilted on your head, a day later I had an emergency cerglage placed and after 10 days, steroid shots for the baby's lungs I was sent home for strict bedrest.

    I never got any thicker, my sac sat on the stitch the entire time but thank goodness the stitch held strong. I had Matria too, and the nice thing about that is if you think you are getting too many ctx, they will tell you and advise you when to go to the hospital. I was terrified of course...but my little guy stayed put through 36 wks when I got my stitch pulled. Then, when they did pull it I popped open to 2 cm's and stayed that way until 38 wks!!!

    I'm sending you +++++++++ thoughts and prayers!!!
    dh & I married 9/88, over 20 years!!
    after 10 yrs ttc/8
    ds S b 1/9/02, ds T b 9/17/03

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    Here is a quick version of my story.

    I was given a cerclage at 13wks and put on bedrest.
    Most my pregnancy was 4.0cm long the whole time.
    At 22wk is was 4cm. and perfect.
    at 24wks it dropped to .7cm and 100% Funneled to the stitch.
    I was put on hopsital bed rest for 5wks.
    I was released at 28wks and put back on bed rest.
    I delievered my twins emergency c-sec at 34wk 4dy.

    --Loss ment--

    I had a set of twins who i lost at 20wks due to IC (incompetent cervix) Docs i had then didnt give a crap when they saw my cervix at 1.4cm and 100% funneled at 19wk. They said I was fine and they would see my next week. I lost twin A 1wk later at 20wks. The NEW docs came and did a cerclage to save twin b who was fine and i was not contacting. I was ablt to stay preg untill i was 21wk. I got an infect and lost twin b.--
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